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Writing Challenge #How the Hell Should I Know: Something You Are Excited About

It is my birthday week, so that means a few things.

1- I get to eat cake. For a specific reason.
2- I can't wait for all of the Facebook notifications. Really, this does excite me. It's the one thing I love about Facebook.
3- I get presents. I love presents. Who doesn't?
4- I get to write about something I am excited about.
5- This writing challenge is over. Which means I need to start thinking of things to write about again on my own.

If you are sick of hearing about me talk about writing my screenplay, this post will be your least favorite.
Also, if you are sick of hearing me talk about my screenplay, I don't care!

I have been listening to all y'all go on and on about all y'all's stuff and have been very patient.
It is my turn!
I am so damn excited about my screenplay!
Have I mentioned I am writing a screenplay?
Pass. It. On.

I am the Queen of saying I am going to do something and then letting it fall to the wayside.
Not because I am necessarily lazy or don't want to do it but really because either I don't have the time or quite honestly, I am scared to do it.
And it is usually because of the latter.
Fear has been the reason I have not done many a thing in my life.

I am actually knocking out two birds with one stone with the writing of this screenplay without giving too much away.
Let's just say I am getting some bucket list items crossed off.
And in the words of the immortal Pointer Sisters:

I'm so excited and I just can't hide it. 
I'm about to lose control and I think I like it. 


I'm so excited and I just can't hide it.
And I know, I know, I know, I know, I know I want you. I want you. 

Actually, I don't.
Want you.
No offense.
But I am really excited!

So here is the thing.
The kicker, if you will.
I am writing my screenplay with specific actors in mind.
Like writing them into the screenplay.
No one else can play them because THEY ARE THEM.
I realize that is the kiss of death if they die, no pun intended.

It was as I was busy writing last week when I sadly found out Prince passed away.
It was then that I realized I need to get my butt kicked into high gear.
I got scared.
People are dying off in 2016, celebrities in particular.
And it is worrying me for many reasons but especially because I really want this dream to come to fruition.
Now, I do not want to come off all cocky like I think my screenplay out of all of the millions of screenplays out there will ever get chosen, never mind looked at, THEN made into a movie.

But I really think it is a good story line and I am not just saying it because I am writing it.
Have you seen some of the crap that is being put on big screens all over America?
If I have to see one more trailer for something being blown up, something to do with wizardry or a movie with the number 2 or 3 or 4 behind the title, I will scream.
No, I will write a screenplay because sick of seeing movies with something being blown up, wizardry, the number 2 or 3 or 4 behind the title.

So I have been busy pounding out my words and hoping they turn into something special.
And praying the rosary (even though I am not Catholic) that celebrities aren't dying.
I am not praying for specific celebrities because I feel like that jinxes it.
Maybe I am ensuring their long lives by writing this screenplay.
That is it.
I am sure of it.

I can't really tell you what it is about as of yet because I don't want to put it out there for fear of it being stolen.
I know you won't take the ideas but I don't trust the Internet and I especially don't trust the Twitter.
But I can tell you what it won't be about, judging by my least popular posts as of late.
It won't be about a recipe, a tutorial, or a new movie on Netflix.
I read you loud and clear.
I have 17,000 words written as of today and I am in love with my characters personalities and where this whole story line is going.
In fact, I play it in my head constantly.

There are times I have had to pull my car over to write ideas down; stop actually writing to write ideas down on the side for later; I am constantly researching people, places and fact checking and I even have my husband pitching me ideas as well.
Yes, he knows about it.
In fact. he is the only one I have read the entire screenplay to as I am writing it because I need feedback.
I want to make sure this isn't too stupid before getting in too much over my head.

I realize that I am not a "screenplay writer" by trade.
I don't have a college degree in English or film or whatever screenplay writers have degrees in.
How you would have laser sharp focus at the age of 18 to know that you not only want to go to college to major in something but ESPECIALLY in screenwriting is beyond me.
I don't even know what the hell I want for lunch today. 
I realize I don't have screenplay software on my computer to help me format the screenplay I am writing.
Do I even need that?
Is that what screenplay writers use or do they mock those who use that?
I am learning as I go, my friends.
All I know is I have an idea and I love to write.

I could have all the bells and whistles, the degree, the fancy computer and be sitting there staring at a blank screen.
But I have the golden ticket.
I have the ideas flowing from my fingers.
And to me. right now, that is magic.


This Isn't My First Big Adventure With Pee Wee, Netflix. #StreamTeam

I have a secret.
Come closer.
A little bit closer.
Did anyone see you come in?
Are you sure?
Look both ways?
No one is behind you?
Okay good.


Big sigh.

My sophomore year in high school at band camp, I was given a nickname by the upperclassmen.


I was given the nickname Pee Wee.

As in Pee Wee Herman.
Because I did the Pee Wee dance.
All the damn time.
And I honestly don't remember why.
I was as straight as a strand of spaghetti for the most part of my high school career.
Well, with the exception of that bad three month period my junior year.
But I didn't do the Pee Wee dance during that time period.

Proof circa 1985

I guess I liked Pee Wee Herman?
I must have thought he was funny?
I mean he was a novelty and he was quirky but for the life of me I can't understand why I was doing the dance enough to earn me the name Pee Wee.
Probably because I thought he was pretty awesome and knowing me, I liked to make people laugh.
And knowing me, I also probably didn't know when to let a good thing go.
Hence doing the dance so much as to earn the nickname. 

When my youngest daughter discovered Pee Wee Herman late last year, inside I was secretly pleased.
I would send screenshots of her watching it to my high school best friend, saying "well lookie what Ella is watching".
It makes me feel like the second generation is carrying on the Pee Wee legacy.

I have yet to show her "the dance" though.
I mean, I haven't done the dance in years.
He doesn't even do that dance anymore.
Only hard core old school Pee Wee followers know "the dance".

Netflix recently sent us a box of goodies to open along with the watching of Pee Wee's Big Holiday movie but what Netflix doesn't realize is that the box came long after we had watched the movie.
Like ten times long after.

That's not exactly accurate.

I had watched it twice.
Ella had watched it ten times.

So we opened it without watching the movie because 1- big box and couldn't wait DUH and 2- Ella could recite the movie by heart at this point. No need to watch the movie and open the box at the same time. It would just get in the way of all that box opening.

When you are a kid and see all of those little boxes and they are individually numbered?
Yeah, there is no way you are waiting for a movie you have seen ten times to open them.

Like Christmas in April.

There were lots of fun things inside that pertained to the movie but I am not going to show you picture after picture because that would seem too braggy.
Plus it wouldn't make any sense to you if you haven't seen the movie yet.
Let's just say if you like root beer barrels and milk shakes, you will love this movie.
Oh and Joe Manganiello.
Do you know how hard that is to spell??

Her favorite part was the balloon that makes farting noises.
Okay, yeah.
That was my favorite part of the movie.
That might be yours as well.

She is reading the enclosed clues here.
Sorry, I just like looking at her.

This girl definitely makes this old school Pee Wee proud.
Maybe I will show her the "dance" after all.
After a few milk shakes.
Eh. maybe that isn't such a good idea.


Writing Challenge #8- The Night of My 21st Birthday

Oh to be 21. My sweet grandma looking on at me and my childhood best friend Wendy. 

So I totally blew the writing challenges this month.
Oh come on, you knew I would and I knew it too.
It was too much pressure.
April is a busy month here anyway with soccer starting for both girls and now I am freelancing in addition to doing side work AND trying to work on my screenplay.
All of those writing challenges were not getting done plus once I read through some of them and started to write them?
Holy balls.
Boring and very negative.
You wouldn't have liked that side of me.
Trust me.

But I did stick to two writing challenges that I could hold to because I needed to write about them.
#8 the night of my 21st birthday and #9 something I am excited about.
Two reasons: I felt I needed to revisit my 21st birthday because it was appropriate (hello, birthday month) and I really want to talk to you about the something that I am excited about.
No I am not pregnant.
My 21st birthday will be one of those stories that my grand kids will tell to their children.
About how their grandma was incredibly socially awkward.
And how they are shocked the gene pool didn't stop with their grandmother.

My 21st birthday was supposed to be legendary.
Well, legendary in my eyes.
See, when I was in my late teens and early twenties, I wasn't going to frat parties and hanging out every weekend in the dorm.
I was working full-time.
When I met someone my age who was also working, I clung onto her like an 80's teenager to a mullet.
Because finding someone to do stuff with back then was hard, man.

That someone was a girl that I mentioned last year in my poop sandwich post. 
She will remain nameless because it is my blog and I am still holding a grudge.
It is only as I am writing this that I now realize she not only ruined my then bachelorette party but also my 21st birthday.
But before all of that went down, we did do a lot together.
Because before I met her, I was known to be a little "Amish" to those whom I worked with.

Every time they asked me to go out after work, I turned them down.

"Sorry! I have to hot oil my hair!" 
"Umm I am waiting on my boyfriend to call me long distance!" 
"Gosh I wish but I have to pay bills! Maybe next time!" 

At that time in my life, I just didn't like to party.
I was very content to go home after a long ten hour day/night at work, heat up dinner and watch Arsenio Hall with my mom.
I swear to God I am telling the truth. 

A few weeks before my 21st birthday, I had just bought my very first car.
I was so excited because I had bought it without any help from anyone.
I saved up the down payment, got the loan all by myself and went into the dealership with my dad and bought myself a car.
I may or may not have had my lunch break inside my car at work every day for the first month I owned it.
It was a proud moment in my life.

So the plan was going to be that my "friend" and I were going to go out on my 21st birthday, go to dinner in my fancy new car.
Maybe even have an alcoholic drink with one of those umbrella thingy's.
She even said she wouldn't drink and she would drive me home and have her brother pick her up.
Wasn't that nice of her??
I bought a new outfit and was all excited to go out like real people do.
To a bar!
Where they serve alcohol that isn't a Bartles and Jaymes wine cooler in a bottle!

It was as I was getting ready for my birthday extravaganza that I got the phone call.
My "friend" wasn't going to be able to go out with me.
She was going to go with her brother to a movie instead.
My parents saved the day, as parents always do.
We ended up at the Dairy Queen, drowning my sorrows in a Peanut Buster Parfait. while sitting in my brand new car on my 21st birthday.
It didn't sound pathetic until I was re-telling it to someone a few years later.
What did you do on your 21st birthday?
"I spent it with my parents at the DQ after my friend ditched me".
But as I get older I find that it was one of my better birthdays.

I see the differences in my children now, as there is an eight year age gap.
One is all about being away from her parents, the other is desperately in love with her parents but on the cusp of being independent.
I know one would love a birthday party for three at the DQ while the other one would look at it as one of the worst punishments in the world.
One day, that too will change in direction for both girls.
It is such a storm we are riding in with these children.
This one of love and pain and constant change that tears me up inside yet brings me joy at another turn.

I am so glad I had that DQ birthday party on my 21st birthday with my parents.
I am so glad they were there to save the day.
As for my girls, I will always have the car keys waiting for an impromptu Dairy Queen party.
And I am always happy to share with them the wonders of Arsenio Hall.
Woof woof woof.


Writing Challenge #3- Ten Interesting Facts About Me. This Will Be Short

1- I love lists. But only when talking about specific things. These types of lists, however, suck.

2- When I have deadlines, I work on posts like these instead of articles that actually pay me.

3-  I am hyper-organized. Because of #1. But I mostly just move things around on my lists or move them to another list. But I am very good at organizing said lists. I should have been a professional list maker.  Or a professional list mover arounder.

4- I can write things under pressure better than I can when I have plenty of time. Some of my best work has been done in less than an hour. That can be said of many things in my life, not just my writing.

5- I am on a mission to make John Hughes proud of me. Yes, I realize he is dead.

6- I drink my water out of a straw so I can drink more of it in a smaller amount of time. Ella got me hooked on that recently and I have been doing it ever since. It is how I get in my almost eight glasses a day. It is also why my bladder is an a-hole.

7- It took me an hour and a half to get to this point on this list.

8- Tonight, we are going to binge watch Kimmy Schmidt season two and my husband is going to make his chocolate chip cookies. We know how to party on a Friday night.

9- Which leads me into number nine....we rarely watch live television anymore which makes me kind of sad. I only watch shows on the DVR or Netflix. I am also still really sad that MTV and VH1 don't play music videos any more but that is a post for another day.

10- I am not that interesting. 


Writing Challenge #2- Julia Child Was My Big Bird

My earliest childhood memory isn't one where I am in a field of daisies running side by side with my mommy.
It isn't nice and fuzzy and in technicolor majesty.
It isn't even whimsical.
My earliest memory involves me getting angry at the television set.
Which, if you really know me, is quite fitting.
I get upset at inanimate objects often, so this is a full circle moment for me.
I am quite proud actually, that little self was pissed off at something and THAT is the first thing I can remember.

Okay pissed off might not be the words my mom would want me to use but "internal Kari" tells me that I am sure I was pissed off.
Disappointed would probably be a better way to describe how I was really feeling.
Let down.
The wizard behind the curtain was being exposed.
Only it would be years before I would learn about that movie tragedy.
One of many letdowns to come, I suppose.

When I was little, I had many heroes that were in the television realm.
Two of which were Mr. Rogers and Julia Child.
Now, you might be thinking that it is peculiar that a toddler would be watching Julia Child.
But really, it isn't when you think about it.
Her voice, her actions and HELLO, her name....duh.
I was fascinated with Julia Child when I was....well, a child.


I can probably guarantee that I even thought that because of her name, she was a child.
Even though she was like seven feet tall.
A seven foot tall, oddly voiced child.
Let's just say she was my version of Big Bird.
I tuned in to see my real live Big Bird make fancy french dishes in her cool kitchen with her amazing voice.
And I thought she was talking to me with every teaspoon of this and dash of that.

When it wasn't Julia, it was Mr. Rogers.
He was in my television every morning, singing me songs in his adorable Keds tennis shoes.
He was jolly and lovely; he played with puppets and made me feel like I could do anything I wanted.
His hair was perfect, his little cardigan zipped sweaters, and even the act of him changing into his shoes......it was all so sterile.
I mean that in the best possible way because when you are a toddler, sterile is good.

My earliest memory is little me talking to the television screen in the family room of my parents home in suburban Chicago Illinois.
I can visualize the yellow walls, the small television set on wheels, and me in my little pajamas innocently asking Mr. Rogers, "why aren't you answering me?'

Oh it started out nicely.
At first.
But then, louder and louder it grew.




Apparently I was just beginning to realize that my so-called "friends" were ignoring me.
I had been talking to the television set for some time, having deep conversations with my "friends", telling them my secrets about my stuffed animals, how my baby brother was cramping my style and how I really hated my bell bottoms but now, I was realizing that it was a one way friendship.
They weren't really my friends.
It was all a lie.

When my mom came into the room and gently soothed me to the effect of " they can't see you, honey. Only you can see them" , it was then that shit got real.


I feel so dirty.

Okay maybe I didn't say all of that but that is what I can put into words now from the emotions I distinctly remember feeling that day, some 42 years later.


Only in toddler speak.

I am still recovering from the Mr. Rogers/Julia Child scandal of 1973.
I think I still have trust issues with television because of this.
I still can't watch an episode of Pioneer Woman without yelling at the screen STOP LYING TO YOUR AUDIENCE! YOU ARE NOT REALLY TALKING TO US!
Maybe I need some help. 


If You Don't Like to Laugh, Then Don't Buy This Book

Maybe that wasn't the best title.
As you know, lately I have not been doing so well with titles and this one is pretty much par for the course.
I met my friend Keith two years ago at the Erma Bombeck Writers Workshop.
Actually, I think Shannon snagged him first and then I met him through her.

So many things I can thank her for.....Keith, my ongoing love of pie, and my deep appreciation of the term "batshit crazy". 

I learned so much at that workshop, it was one of the best experiences of my writing career but honestly I got more out of the beautiful friendships that I made there.

It was at dinner on our last night while Shannon, Keith and I were sitting at our table, when Shannon made the comment that "Keith is my spirit animal".
I think I almost spit out my water when she said it because it was so funny, yet so true.
But now that I have known Keith for two years and after reading this book about anecdotes from his life, I feel like Keith is now my spirit animal as well.
And you will feel the same way too once you have read his stories of humor and life.
Keith is good people and a hell of a lot of fun to hang with.
I am really glad that we met him when we went to that conference.
It was worth the ticket, that is for sure.

When good people have good things happen to them, I liken it to being allowed to have cake for breakfast.
On a Monday.
That is how I felt when I found out my friend wrote a book because I am surrounded in my world by people who become authors on a monthly basis, it seems.
But this was a book that I was really looking forward to, that was well deserved and I honestly couldn't wait to read.
When it arrived on a day when my Us magazine had also arrived AND I had pie in the fridge?

We all know here that I am not a laugh out loud kind of person.
When I write LOL, I am not in actuality "laughing out loud".
Tittering, maybe.
Chuckling is a long shot.
I am a stingy laugher.
I am a skeptical humorist and it takes some pretty funny humor to make an actual guffaw come out of this big mouth.

It also takes a lot for me to read a book these days, it seems.
Lately, I have fallen victim to the iPad.
I used to read books and have functioning brain cells.
I used to be witty and throw words around like perfunctory and indubitably. 
Then I won an iPad at a blogging function three years ago and it all went to hell in a hand basket.
I also used to use words like hand basket. 

Three years ago, my night stand was covered in books.
I had a lamp that I had bought specifically so I could read my books in bed.
My children made me bookmarks in school so I could hold my place in all of the books that I was reading.
I was at the library weekly, and when I wasn't at the library, I was online looking for new books to put on hold at the library.
I was able to talk about books.
I was worldly!
I was wordy!
I knew things!
I could hold my own in conversations!
Now, when people ask me what is going on in my world, I am all, "uhhhh, nuthin' ."
Because the iPad is making me stupid.

Then like a ray of light, Keith's book came out and I decided that I needed to give books another go.
Books are good!
Reading is good!
I need to look at something other than a Facebook feed or a Pinterest pin.
When Keith's book first arrived, my husband was happy.
"Put down the smart device" he always kids me.
So he was very glad to see me delve back into reading again.

That is until he realized its repercussions. 

me- let me read you this passage. It is so damn funny. snort snort  NO REALLY IT IS! WHY ARE YOU GIVING ME THE SIDE EYE??

patient husband- Grumble grumble

me- oops were you sleeping? My bad. Go back to sleep.

two hours later......trying to muffle snorts, farts, hiccups and laughter.

patient husband-  You know, I have to get up early in the morning.

me- this is so damn funny. He really should have titled the book, "This is So Damn Funny".

patient husband- I am sure he will take that in consideration for the next book.

me- maybe I should email him that.

patient husband- at two in the morning???

me- you have to hear this story about the.....

patient husband- let me get you your iPad.

Run, not walk to your local bookstore and see if they have his book on their shelves.
Until then, you can find it on Amazon here.
Check out Keith on Twitter here and you can read his blog A Strong Man's Cup of Tea


Writing Challenge #1- My Love/Hate Relationship With Social Media

I decided that my birthday month was the perfect month to start a writing challenge.
I also decided that my birthday month was the perfect month to start a diet as well.
Go me.
I am kicking off my writing challenge with a tough one:

Five Problems with Social Media

original source 

1- Facebook 

I blame Facebook for all of this.
It was the show opener for social media back in the day.
I can vividly remember sitting in my college statistics class in the spring of 2007 when I had my first experience with Facebook.
A know-it- all 18 year old boy who sat next to me was using the school computer for other things instead of actual statistics because he was done with his test on this particular day.
Why he was wasting his time with us at the College of Lake County when he should be at Harvard, I'll never know.
Sitting there on the school computer trying to check out his sexy friend who was "blocking" him and he couldn't understand why.
He was whispering loudly at the computer screen about things like "RIGHT LIKE THAT WILL STOP ME" and "I WILL SHOW HER".
He shared pictures of himself looking completely different than the annoying boy I sat next to two days a week for 16 weeks.
Instead of having a hooded sweatshirt, dirty fingernails and Funyuns breath, the man he created on the computer screen in front of me was, shall I say, hot?
Muscular, tan and had really good hair.
Not stuck under a ball cap and smelling like bed.
Welcome to the world of showing everyone who you aren't.

Don't get me wrong, I love Facebook for many things: sharing pictures of my kids to family and friends who live far away; meme's that are funny; advice from sites on things like ADHD, parenting, life, writing, blogging, etc.
But there are things I don't love Facebook for: pictures that make me feel like I am missing out, meme's that aren't funny, advice from sites on things like ADHD, parenting, life, writing, blogging, etc..
I love to be connected to people but sometimes I feel like it is all too much and maybe we have gotten to the point where we feel like we need to say whatever, whenever at the cost of other's feelings.
Yes, "butt hurt" is a term that I hear all the frick frack time and some people do get "butt hurt" too easily, but I feel like the people using that term are usually the ones doing most of the butt hurting.

Facebook is good in small doses.
But I am secretly hoping it goes away by the time my youngest is in middle school.

original source 

2- Twitter

Where I am ambivalent about Facebook, I am all on board with Twitter.
I adore Twitter.
Twitter is my social media spirit animal.
If social media were an animal.
I am not embarrassed to say that this is where I get my news, where I get most of my information about what is going on in the world, and where I read most of my blogs.
I feel as though I can really let my hair down on Twitter.
Whereas on Facebook I am a mom and wife, on Twitter, I am Kari the writer who says the word F#$% and shares my political agenda openly.
I share memes and re-tweet comical things and have so much darn fun there.
I said it before and I will say it again: Twitter is the nightclub version of social media.
You can pretty much say anything you want without being judged when you are on Twitter.
It is the social media version of getting drunk and slurring to your girlfriend about how you think your co-worker's butt is really, really hawt.

Here is the problem I have with Twitter though: followers.
I get really tired of people following me for followers.
Not because they dig my content or that they think my blog is cool or even that they think I might share some cool crap, or even the remote possibility that we could start a cool Twitter ska band.
Personally, that is why I follow people.
I know I am probably "doing it wrong" or maybe even being a bit naive but this is what is wrong with social media.
We have lost touch with being social.
It has become this race to get tons of "friends" then never interact with them, especially on Twitter.
Maybe it is the whole nightclub scene, which can be a bit noisy at times.
There is so much going on and it gets smoky and really loud which does make it very hard to have a decent conversation.

Be discerning.
Be social.
Get on the dance floor.


3- Pinterest 

If Pinterest were a person, it would be Kate McKinnon PLAYING Martha Stewart on SNL.
Pinterest is one of my favorite social media time suck's .
When I am waiting at parent pick up, you could find me on Pinterest.
When I am up in the middle of the night because my bladder is an a-hole which physiologically makes no sense, I am on Pinterest.
When I am laying in bed on a Saturday morning and don't want to get up because the kids are still sleeping, I am on Pinterest.
Pinterest is showing me ways to change up my life, see!
I now have a cheese sauce that I didn't have two days ago, see!
I now know how to make money from home doing something that takes me ten hours longer than actually working a job, see!
I now know how to monetize my blog so that every time you visit, a million different pop ups will assault you when you click on the link to my posts, see!

Therein lies the problem with Pinterest: step away from the pin board.
If one was meant to have the world's largest cork board, then God would have intended us to be made of cork and have pins for hands.
I took Pinterest off my phone.
I stepped away from the Pinterest every single Saturday.
I stopped drinking so much water every single day as not to anger my a-hole bladder.

*by the way, I don't really know how to monetize my blog and even if I did, I wouldn't dare assault you. 
* well, not purposely that is. 

4- Instagram 

I have 250 followers on Instagram and I only get maybe 20 likes, if that, on each picture I share.
That means the majority of my followers either don't like me, don't like my pictures or don't ever go on Instagram.
This is why I don't like social media.

I bet this is what Kim Kardashian feels like when she only gets 80,000 likes on a picture.

original photo courtesy of Brandi Lee 

5- Google Plus 

I have a kindred spirit thing going on with Google Plus because I can relate to it a bit.
A lot of people say "why do we even have Google Plus?" and to that I say, "why do we even have books, or air, or water??" 
I don't actually say that when posed with the Google Plus question.
Actually, when posed with any Google Plus question, I always wonder "is the Plus capitalized? or is it just plus?"
OR is it just +?
I can relate to Google + because it is underrated.
Kind of like this blog.
Not to say that I feel like I should be any kind of "rated" but I feel like, hey! this is a good blog dammit and it needs some attention and sometimes it feels like it gets overlooked. 
Google plus feels that way for me.
I really like its format, it is easy to read and my profile is really pretty on there, plus I have a shit ton of views for some reason.
Which delights me and scares me at the same time. 

There are a couple of things I don't like about Google PLUS: they changed things around so it is harder to see who are in your circles or maybe that is just a Kari thing.
Also, I feel like you can't interact there as well as on other social media outlets but that is probably because no one is really on Google plus any more which is my bad as well. 
I used to go on there and 1+ things all the damn time but not any more because it isn't in my routine. 
Maybe if everyone made my blog a routine, it would become madly famous too!
Maybe Google plus and I should get in cahoots with each other! 
It's like Google + and I are sitting on a stage with the microphone off.
Maybe me and Google plus on a stage isn't necessarily a positive thing. 

One could say the real problem with social media is that in trying to be more "social" we have become more distant.
WHOA, I just got real deep there for a moment. 
I think I might take the Facebook app off my phone.
Just my phone though, not my iPad because ARE YOU HIGH? 

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