A New Use For An Old Easter Basket

I went a different way this year for the girls Easter baskets.

I got these cute little buckets at Target in the dollar section.

So what to do with the Easter bucket after Easter?  I could save it for next year but these were only a buck each and quite honestly I will most likely get something a little bigger next year. (These barely held a pair of socks and some candy. Most likely the reason they were only a dollar.)

I was rummaging through my “crafting area” and found these cute stickers that I got on clearance after Christmas for a dollar at the craft store.

I added the sticker (an A for Annie and an E for Ellie) to the bucket:

And here they are in the bathroom:

They are now at home on the girls bathroom counter with hairbrushes and toothbrushes.

 I love how this brightens up the worst room in a home!

So, what are you gonna do with those old Easter baskets??

2 thoughts on “A New Use For An Old Easter Basket

  1. Kari at A Grace Full Life

    Thanks Anonymous!!

    And I am loving the fact that people are leaving comments, even if it is "anonymously".:) See how easy that was??

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