A Grace Full Life: My Most Favorite Project To Date


My Most Favorite Project To Date

I love when a good thing comes together, don't you?

So I've had this old entertainment center door in my basement storage area for awhile:

I had my husband hold on to it because I liked it. No reason in particular, no sentimental value or anything, just that I really liked this door and thought I might be able to use it someday.

Fast forward....six years later.

I was perusing my some blogs during one blissful nap time where I had nothing but time and stumbled upon this adorable idea at Bec's blog here.

So here is the picture of my inspiration in case you have link-a-phobia.

courtesy littlelucylu.com

Isn't this too cute? I LOVED this immediately and even emailed her to ask her where I could find an old window. (I know where to get one but I should elaborate...where to get one CHEAP) and she emailed back that her husband is in construction and gets them from demo's. No such luck here with my husband in the automotive industry, unless they are windshields but 1) that wouldn't work plus 2) it might be a little illegal.

But wait! I have an old entertainment center "window" just sitting in my basement, remember?

Then I thought, hmmmm, wouldn't it be kinda cool to make a really neat anniversary gift for my husband out of it and not have to spend a lot of money???

I went out and bought these puppies:

They were $12.00 at Michael's but I had a coupon and birthday money burning a hole in my pocket. Not cheap but these pens used to be a lot more money and only available online. Plus when you see this project, I guarantee you will want to run out and buy these immediately. I did after seeing Bec's project.

I then needed to paint the frame of the entertainment center with the usual suspects: spray paint.

I had my husband tape this for me (sneaky, huh? he had no idea!!) so I painted the frame with basic 99 cent white spray paint first (on purpose) then had him tape the white painted part when it was dry so I could spray paint with chalkboard paint over the glass.

I used three coats of chalkboard paint.
Then after that dried I brought it inside and took the tape off to find the above.
Most people would be upset to see the paint coming off but I squealed with delight
It looks vintage/shabby chic, which was the theme for our wedding and since this is an anniversary present, I was a very happy girl!

Here it is after I removed the tape:

And here is a copy of our vows the minster gave us after our ceremony...
Do you see where I am going with this??? 

I was INSPIRED I tell ya!!! I could barely contain myself when my husband asked what I was doing with this piece of wood.....weeeeeeee.....but wait.
There is one small problem.
To quote a fave movie, I have the handwriting of a serial killer.

 I do.
 Ask around.

How was I gonna pull this off so beautifully like Bec did with her chalkboard art work???

Enter one of my BFF's and my matron of honor at said wedding five years ago, Rebecca!
I mean it's only fitting, right?

She measured it out to make sure she spaced everything evenly.

Then she did a rough draft in actual chalk.

(see Ellie's play doh in the background? She was creating her own artwork along side us)

Then she traced over the chalk with my chalk pens.

And here is the finished product!

Isn't her handwriting beautiful?

I just can't stop looking at it.

It looks like something you would find in a Pottery Barn catalog, doesn't it???

Here it is in our bedroom:

We need to raise the television.
So ignore the television.

Cost roundup:

I had everything except the paint pens so my cost- $12.00!

But if you were to spend money on this without having any supplies:

window- do not pay more than 20 bucks for an old window. I have seen them at flea markets for 40 bucks and up. Don't do it. You can find something to re-purpose or look on Craigslist for someone throwing out old windows. On Chicago's Craigslist it happens weekly.

chalkboard spray paint-  five bucks at Home Depot.

white spray paint- 99 cents at Home Depot

chalk ink- $12.00 at Michaels.

Thanks to my dear friend Rebecca for helping me out.
Love you.


  1. Good job Kari! My sister has sure comes up with some snazzy ideas huh!?!

    -Steph (Bec's sister)


  2. Thanks Steph! Yes she does and it looks like you are a blogger too so will have to check that out!!

  3. Kari,
    You are TOO kind to me!
    But thank you!!!
    And I LOVE this. It's kinda a cool feeling when someone uses one of your ideas for inspiration ... and creates something even COOLER!
    I think the whole idea of putting your wedding vows on there is just perfectly awesome.
    GREAT JOB!!!
    I'm flattered you made such a FAB project because of mine. :-)

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Bec- Thank YOU for the inspiration! I walked away from your blog post so excited to make something "do-able" and it kinda gave me my crafting mojo back. :)

    Thanks again for letting me link up too!


  6. What a wonderful gift! I love it!

  7. Thanks Niki! And thanks also for stopping by!


  8. Love it! Btw, where did you get your bookshelf? I loooooooooove it!

  9. Thanks so much!

    The bookshelf/cabinet is Broyhill and I got it from a furniture store 6 years ago that is now out of business. I love this collection, the dining room table and chairs are part of that same collection. :)

  10. awww this made me feel all warm and cozy inside, it's such a sweet project!

  11. What a sweet thing to say! Thank you so much for stopping by!


  12. This is darling! I love your idea! I need to run out and buy some of those Chalk Ink markers. :)

  13. Thanks so much for the compliment! I love this project so much and every time I walk past it, I smile. :)

    I was looking through my receipts the other day and found the one for the chalk ink and it was 11.99 not 12.00...;) But you get 4 in the package and Michaels/Hob Lob ALWAYS has coupons for 40% off regular price items. Happy shopping!


  14. This is so cute!! I love the quote and I love how the project turned out. You have such a fun blog and reading your post was so fun- you have a great personality that comes out in your writing!! We are your newest followers and we just wanted to thank you so much for linking up to our party! We would love to have you come back again tomorrow for Strut Your Stuff Saturday!
    Camille @

  15. Camille-

    So funny, I just linked another project to your site right before reading this!

    I am lovin' your blog!!!

    Thanks so much for becoming a follower. :)


  16. Wow! Your project turned out great!

    I've also been wondering if it's possible to put chalk-board paint directly on glass, and now I know!

  17. Thanks Calina! You can put it on glass but it takes many coats so you can't see the glass through the paint. Thanks for stopping by!!

  18. Love the door art! I have one, too. I laughed so hard at your reaction to the paint coming off, because that happened to me, AND it got scratched while the paint was fairly fresh. So, I scratched it up some more, LOL.

  19. Michaela,

    I know, I love that my being a little lazy leads to some great vintage looking pieces....:)
    Thanks for stopping by!!


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