Goodwill Craft- My Second Most Favorite Project To Date

So as I said last week, I was in a blog slump.
Nothing was sounding good to me, I had no ambition to create anything new and then my one planned project that I was using this for:

A great BIG $6.99 frame I scored at Goodwill fell apart.

I was planning on putting cork in here to make it a huge family picture frame with pictures stuck in with cute little push pins that I was going to spray paint fun colors.

Not happening.

When I took the cork board out of the package, it fell apart in my hands.
Thanks Hobby Lobby.
I had my husband try and work with it to get it into the frame and it dissolved in his hands as we were working with it.
So I gave up, put the frame in the back of the garage and rolled up what was left of the (non- returnable) cork and put it in my craft area for another smaller project and called it a day.
                                Just another blah moment last week to add to my blog blahs.
I soo don't mean to sound like Debbie Downer.

Then I had a light bulb moment.

I was cleaning the basement last week with the girls and my oldest brought this item to my attention:

It might be hard to tell from this picture but this is a chalkboard surface over basically a piece of very thin plywood. I asked her where we had gotten it, as it had been in her "school" area of the basement and she said that I had bought it at a garage sale.
                                              Ummm no.
I never would have paid for this.
Maybe taken it if they had said it was free but never shelled out hard earned bucks for it.
I think it was given to us for the girls area years ago but I forgot the source.
And as soon as she said she didn't want it, I almost put it in the "goin' to Goodwill" bin.

So I got out my Goodwill frame again.

Add some spray adhesive, goody bags from Hobby Lobby and scissors.
Originally, I got this idea from some wrapping paper that is very similar to the above bags that I got on clearance after Christmas last year.
But I didn't have enough for the frame.
So I headed first to Dollar Tree to see what kind of wrapping paper they had and on to Hobby Lobby to check out their supply and found the above bags that matched my original paper almost exactly.

                                             Can you tell which is which? Pretty close, huh??

I then sprayed the adhesive to the cardboard part of the frame and to the back of the wrapping paper and paper bags ( the wrapping paper is in the middle section, paper bags on the sides) as well and this is how it looked:

I smoothed out most of the wrinkles and tucked in the paper where I couldn't cut anymore to fit into the frame.

Then I added this to the top after spraying the back with adhesive as well as the paper it is going to be sticking to:

Then it sat and dried overnight.
I wanted to make sure it was completely dry before I did anything else as I am going to be hanging this on a wall.
But here is the kicker: I had no idea what I wanted to put on the chalkboard section.
I knew that I would be using my chalk pens because a) I already have them so no extra money spent and 2) I just love my chalk pen.  

Then came my inspiration via Pinterest.
I saw this adorable piece of artwork and pinned it to my board just last week:


Go to the blog link below to see the inspiration.

 And check out the blogger behind this here

It is artwork with the words to your favorite song! It could be a wedding song, or a song you and a friend used to sing at the top of your lungs driving down an old country road...."I'm a cowboy, on a steel horse I ride......" sorry, I was reminiscing....anyway, I remembered this and immediately knew what I was going to do.

The hubs and I never really had "a song" the first three years we were dating. There was never any music playing when big events happened so nothing to pinpoint a song for us that represented our relationship which is pretty ironic considering how much we both love music. But after a tumultuous third year of dating (which included breaking up once (him), getting engaged, then breaking up again (me)) we found "our song" playing on the radio one summer day. To make a long story short, my husband and I dated briefly when we were 23, broke up, made up and became friends (he was even at my first wedding) and then dated nine years later when I was again single and were a couple for almost four years when we got married five years ago.

Are you keeping up?
I know, it is kind of complicated.

Anyway, this "song" was playing on the radio:

Bless The Broken Road by Rascal Flatts. 
And we knew this was our song.
It was like Rascal Flatts had a ringside seat to our lives and wrote the song for us.
So we decided that this would be our first dance song.

Until we tried to
dance to it.
There was a lot of toe stepping, falling out of sync with the music, it was very ugly to say the least.
We practiced for months and months until finally it was the big day.
And when it was time to get up and dance, I totally chickened out, ran over to the deejay booth and told him to play this:

At Last by Etta James. 
Beautiful song, don't get me wrong but not "our song".
Only much easier to dance to.
We felt like we sold out.
The deejay did play "Bless The Broken Road" that night a few songs later but we were outside taking pictures so we missed it.
But it is still "our song" and always will be.
You just won't catch us dancing to it in public. 

So here is what I did:

                                                      Got out my chalk pens and chalk.

                                              Went online and printed the exact lyrics to the song.

And wrote the entire song by hand with regular old chalk. Now, if you know me by now, you must know that I have terrible hand writing. I really do. But I decided I wanted to write this myself because I know that it would mean a lot to my husband if I did and I didn't want it to be perfect. So I just went for it, I mean if it was really bad, I could just paint over it, right? So I did this free hand. No ruler involved just writing the lyrics as I read them off the paper (some I knew by heart) and this is how it turned out. You can see some of the eraser marks but that's okay, I like the look of it. Kind of like a board in a coffee house or something.


And here it is with the chalk pen! That pen makes even the worst handwriting look good. So it is a magic pen.

Here is the final product:

I absolutely love this.

Here is the cost rundown:

1- Frame- $6.99 at Goodwill. This is a really good price for a frame this size. If you see anything this big in the frame department for under 10 bucks, grab it and don't look back.

2- Spray adhesive- I got mine at Home Depot for five bucks but they can run anywhere up to seven or eight dollars too. I would check out Meijer or Target to see if they carry it cheaper.

3- Wrapping paper- I already had the one section (got it at Target after Christmas last year for $1.00 for the entire roll) but the other bags came from Hobby Lobby and were $1.99 for a package of 10. I also had a 40% off coupon.
4- Chalkboard- Free to me. But you can totally do this on the cheap several ways: at craft stores, they sometimes carry really inexpensive chalkboards with tiny balsa wood frames. Rip the frame off and use that or why not get a couple, keep the frames on, paint the frames and put several together for a collage look? Or just find some plywood in yor garage or basement and paint it with chalkboard paint? Chalkboard paint costs around $5-$6  a can but it will last you a long time.

5- Chalk Pens- I already had these and have used them since April so I won't count them in my cost to make but they will set you back around 12 bucks or so. Now, this is a great investment as I have created at least four or five projects with them and always use a coupon. I found mine at Michael's and had a 40% coupon as well.

Total Cost = $13.19




  1. Love it! The black and white is gorgeous and the sentiment so sweet! Thanks so much for sharing with the Pink Hippo Party.. can't wait to see what you share next week!

  2. Thanks so much for having me, as always...:)

  3. Not sure how I stumbled on your blog, but I LOVE this! So touching...and that's one of my favorite songs. Great job!

  4. I love this Kari! I can't wait to see it in your house!

  5. You have TOTALLY INSPIRED me. I am copying one of your pictures to my desktop to remind me that this is a must do project. Great idea. It could be a great wedding gift with the lyrics of the song the bride and groom first dance to or an anniversary gift or new home gift. Oh I could go on and on. Thanks so much for sharing your creativity.

  6. Pam- Thanks so much for the great comment! It makes me happy when one of my creations inspires someone else! :)

  7. Awesome! Off hunting down lyrics myself now..... I love everything you did with this, especially finding "almost identical" bags from Hobby Lobby and the Dollar Tree :) I always think of going to the Dollar Tree first, but it rarely happens.

  8. Love this & love the background story. So sweet. :) Would love to have you link this up to my {wow me} wednesday link party going on right now over on my blog.. if you haven‘t already. Hope to see you there. {I’m a new follower.} :)


  9. Thank you ladies for the nice comments, I really appreciate them!

  10. This is both sweet and stunning!!!

  11. Love it, very touching, first time on your blog.
    What did your hubby think?

  12. Jamie- thanks for the sweet comment. :) I heart all of them!

    Nanette- he LOVED it. :)

  13. LOVE this! i am thinking of doing something like this, but just painting it on canvas. we'll see. i need to get me some adhesive spray, too, lol. it's the little things that i never remember!!

  14. I know! Me too! I thought Pinterest would help me organize my thoughts and ideas...nope. Just one more place to forget....:)

  15. Very cute project! And written like that, it does look like some funky art you'd see in a coffee shop. Great job!

  16. Awesome project, witty prose... I'm gonna be a new follower right after I publish this! I've GOT to get my hands on some of those chalkboard pens! Michaels, huh? Looks like I will be running over there TODAY! Can't wait to see what else you come up with... Jules from bles-id

  17. Thanks Jules! I just went to your great blog and I too am a follower of yours. :)

  18. Bethany- thanks so much for the sweet comment! I love your blog as well and am your newest follower. :)

  19. that is the cutest! I love that you wrote it by hand! I found your blog through a link party and love it! I am your newest follower and would love it if you would check out mine and follow me too! Thanks!

  20. Thanks for the nice comment and I am already a follower of yours. :)

  21. Hi Kari,
    I'm pleased to be featuring this project tonight in my Fab Friday Favorites post. Thanks so much for linking it up! Please feel free to take an "I Was Featured" button if you wish.

    Warmly, Michelle

  22. I adore this! What a fun piece!

    Thank you for sharing this at Show & Share! I really hope you'll come back next week!

  23. Lindsay- I will be back and congrats on your first link party!!

  24. @ Michelle- I somehow skimmed over your comment and I am so sorry! I was so very excited to be featured and to earn a button!! Thanks for having me and making me feel like a queen for a day...:)

  25. what a great idea!
    It turned out wonderful!
    My hubby and I love that song. :)

  26. Rebekah (love that name)-
    thanks so much! Its a great song, isn't it? :)

  27. Hey, I just wanted to stop by and say thanks so much for joining the Stache Party in August and sharing your creativity with everyone! I hope you'll come back in September!


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