A Grace Full Life: My Christmas Tablescape aka Vintage Thrift Store Chic


My Christmas Tablescape aka Vintage Thrift Store Chic

I get lots of wild ideas.
Painting tables hot pink.
Wearing white after Labor Day.
Getting a new hair cut six days after giving birth.
But this idea was pretty good even for me.
I wanted to create a holiday table with only Dollar Tree or dollar store items.

 In other words- cheap.

Here is what I came up with.

These galvanized buckets were given to me by my neighbor this summer. 
The "joy" ornament is from a package of five from Dollar Tree.

The ornaments on the branches?

 Dollar Tree.

The burlap is from Hobby Lobby and I did absolutely nothing to it.
Well, I folded it over.
That's it. 
The mirror that everything is sitting on I got at a garage sale two years ago for one dollar.

The pine cones are from Dollar Tree as well and that ivory satin ribbon is a remnant of what I used for the burlap wreath my friend Rebecca made for me earlier this fall.

The table setting is under six bucks for the whole thing.
The white plates?
Dollar Tree.

I know.

The chargers I got at a local department store after Christmas last year for 30 cents each.

I used a sharpie marker for the burlap runner on the table and wrote JOY by hand.

I know, you are wooed by my creativity.
Stand back.

The branches are courtesy of my snowball bush in my backyard.

I wanted something natural and not so much red and green for my table this year.
I really love how this turned out.

A simple pine cone as a place holder or to top a napkin on each plate.

Here it is lit up at dusk.

The little churches are ornaments from a big box store for $1.97 each.

The small mercury glass looking votive candle holders are from a cute little store called Jeffrey Alans and I got them for only 97 cents each.
 The larger candle holders are from Pottery Barn and were $3.50 each...a little pricier but the cheapest thing you will ever find in that store.

This table scape brings me joy just looking at it every day.

Here is the price breakdown:

- branches- free! Thanks Mother Nature!

- galvanized buckets- free! thanks to my neighbor!

JOY ornaments- $1.00 for a package of five at Dollar Tree

- pine cones- $1.00 for a package of up to seven or eight at Dollar Tree

- satin ribbon- left over from a previous project but bought at a fabric store for 2 bucks for the roll.

- star-like ornaments hanging from the branches- $1.00 each at, where else? Dollar Tree

- burlap- got it off the roll at Hobby Lobby and paid $6.00 total for it.

- mirror- got at a garage sale two summers ago for $1.00

- little church ornaments- $1.97 each 

- small mercury glass candle holders- .97 cents each at Jeffrey Alans

- larger mercury glass candle holders- $3.50 each at Pottery Barn

- white plates- $1.00 each at Dollar Tree

- silver chargers- 30 cents each after Christmas sale last year

Total cost- under 35 dollars to create a funky tablescape for the holidays.
And that wasn't spent all at one time but rather over time so it really cost me next to nothing to create for this project.
I hope you enjoyed this and I also hope it can inspire you to create something cool from items you already have laying around!


  1. It looks great Kari, I can't wait to see it in person. Looks like the perfect place to sit down and enjoy a nice warm mug of mulled wine... :D

  2. Yes it does need some mulled wine doesn't it......:) Thanks friend!

  3. This looks great!!!
    Stopping by from Southern Lovely

  4. I love the natural simplicity of it! Very pretty. Stopping by from Centsational Girl.

  5. LOVE this.. So creative. Looks really awesome. : )) I would LOVE if you could please stop in and linky this terrific feature via my Pin’Inspirational Party happening today pweease… http://theartsygirlconnection.blogspot.com/2011/11/pininspirational-thursdayslinky-party.html .. THANK YOU SO MUCH.. Wishing you an incredible start to your weekend.. Sincerely ~

  6. @ P and D- Thanks so much!

    @ Linda- thanks for stopping by for the first time, I hope you come back!

    @Marilyn- I will pop on over today! :)

  7. Absolutely beautiful!! I can't believe that most of the stuff you got for so cheap!!! The way you put it all together makes it look like you spent WAY more money than that. Nice job!! :) Thanks for linking up to Strut Your Stuff Saturday! We hope that you will come back tomorrow and share more of you amazing ideas!
    Camille @

  8. This is so beautiful & unique. I love it. What a great project. Thank you so much for linking it to Fabulous Friday.

    Warmly, Michelle

  9. @ Camille- thanks so much!

    @ Michelle- Thanks so much too!!

  10. Gorgeous! Goes to show how you can create a gorgeous table on a budget. Thanks for sharing and linking up to the Dollar tree party.

  11. Love it. Particularly those little churches.

    I host a weekly blogging party called Seasonal Sundays. I'd love to have you link!

    - The Tablescaper


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