The Little Record Cabinet That Could

Hello my dear friends, how was your weekend?
Good to hear it!
I had a great weekend, my Mom was in town to help celebrate my birthday.
If you can guess how old I am, I will give you a cookie.
I will give you a kiss if you don’t guess over 42. 
We went out to a fabulous Mexican restaurant in the city then got on the 10 o’clock news!
No not for robbing a bank.

This is a pic of my Mama and my Annie waving at our weather fella Jerry Taft.

We were one of those fools who waited outside in 35 degree weather to wave furiously at the camera after the ABC 7 news aired here in Chicago.
So much fun…..and we got on TV!

A weekend filled with shopping, hugs and love, kisses, reminiscing by the fire (it was 40 degrees here all weekend…Happy April!), a very chilly soccer game, LOTS of great food, wine and some tears was just what this birthday girl needed.
And I miss my mama ever so much right now.
So much that I spent most of Sunday in a Snuggie watching really bad 1994 Tori Spelling made for TV movies.
Sniff sniff.

So I have had this little cabinet in my home my whole adult life.
It was actually a gift to me from my parents when I was in 8th grade to hold my ….ahem…..records.
To clarify for you younger readers, that’s like a cabinet to hold your Itunes gift cards.
Oh and this cabinet held my cassette tapes too.
Again to clarify that is like a cabinet to hold your…..air.

Originally it was white.
I think.
That was a loooooooooong time ago so forgive me if my memory does not serve.
Then I think it was painted a robins egg blue.
Then hunter green….what? At that time it was the 90s….everything was hunter green back then.
Then I painted it black.
So it has been sitting in my kitchen for the past five or so years holding photo albums instead of record albums. And I so love this little guy but I couldn’t help but notice how it looked a little depressed lately.
I tried to help it out by painting the knobs white. But it still wasn’t gettin’ it anymore.
Then I accidentally got white paint on the top of the cabinet.
 I almost cried when this happened because if I remember correctly, my mom stained the top of this for me years ago and it was ruined in one foul swoop.
So I knew that I now had to do something to this so I guess in a way it was fate intervening to get me off my butt to finally paint this thing.
I am pretty sure it wasn’t fate but rather me being lazy and impatient and placing a lamp I had just spray painted onto the top of this to create this mess.
But we can call it fate for the sake of the blog, okay?
So after painting my old kitchen table turned media desk here, then trying my hand at painting my kitchen chairs here, I felt up to the task of turning this bad boy around.
I emptied out the photo albums and carried my record cabinet to the garage to start the whole painting process.
Here is the thing, in the process of being a more real blogger and spending more quality time with my family than with my blog, I didn’t take any step by step pictures.
I think we all know what a primed and sanded piece of furniture looks like, right?
So why waste both our times showing you the process.
Personally when I read a blog, I skip to the bottom to see the end right away.
I know, I am a buzz kill.
But let me quickly tell you my thought process.
– originally I was going to paint it cream
-then decided after sanding it and priming it that I would like it to be a cooler color…a little funky if you will.
– had some Strawflower spray paint by Rustoleum in the garage and decided that if Melissa from 320 Sycamore can spray paint a piece of furniture, then I could too.
– then after one coat of said Strawflower, ran out of paint.
-went to Home Depot with a four year old four days later to find said Strawflower only to see they don’t carry it anymore.
– after 110 paint swatches and saying hello to the Behr Bear 30 times with the above four year old, I decided that I could live with a different color but close to the original color yellow spray paint. I settled on Warm Yellow by Rustoleum.
So after approximately 4 coats of Warm Yellow, it looked like this:
Oh wait, let me back up a little.
I had drip lines on the front of this guy not from the spray paint but from the primer.
I sanded and sanded…..probably four or five times….nothing.

                                                              The drips wouldn’t budge.

And since my time is important to me and my standards are so low, I made a decision.

                                                           It was gonna look distressed.

So after the last coat of spray paint, I did a little recreational sanding.
And let’s just say it is so good for the soul to do a little recreational sanding.
I took out some deep seated aggressions on this baby.
Apples are back up to three bucks a pound at the grocery???

                                                               SAND SAND SAND

We owe our crappy state more money in taxes???
I gained three pounds last week even after sticking to my diet AND running three days a week?
The Kardashian Family????

So let me tell you about the steal or deal of the century.
I needed six knobs to replace the original knobs on this cabinet.
Because they were getting nasty looking and since I had already done a really crappy job of spray painting them white?

                                                                    I needed new ones.

And here is a tip: don’t try and save moola by spray painting knobs.
Just go out and buy new ones.
Don’t believe HGTV or other bloggers when they tell you how easy it is.
It isn’t.
You paint them, have to wait forever for them to dry…especially if they are metal……then you need to turn them and spray.
And turn them and spray and so on and so on.
 Then when you think you are done?
Missed a spot and the vicious cycle continues.
Break down and buy new ones.
So I was at Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago looking for new knobs for this project and found some really cute turquoise ones on sale for 50% off.
I wanna say they were $4.99 originally less half off and needed six.
And I was pretty much ok-ish with spending 20 bucks on the knobs because basically this project wasn’t really costing me anything but a can of spray paint.
Then I happened over to the clearance section and found these babies:
Guess how much.
Yep, 40 cents!
I couldn’t believe it.
But here is the thing.
Anytime anything cute is on clearance for that low?
There is a catch.
Especially with letters.
Usually only X’s or Z’s remain.
And who can spell anything without vowels??
I did have more to work with in this batch and with a few seconds, I actually came up with something.
I know, I scare myself sometimes.
And just so ya know, the first thing I thought of?
So no, not that kind of uplift but brightening spirits kind of uplift.
Which when you really think about it, is what I did to this dreary little record cabinet that has been through lots of times with me since I first met it when I was only 13 years old.
So if you are doin’ the math?
40 cents times six?
Yep, $2.40 for all six of those puppies.
See my little owl lamp?
My mom got one on Target online and I loved him so much that I got one as a birthday present to myself!
I love him so much and he makes me smile every time I look at him.
Total cost for my furniture project?
Under six bucks.
Now I just need to find some records to put in this cabinet.

9 thoughts on “The Little Record Cabinet That Could

  1. Jill @Two Yellow Birds Decor

    You just totally made my day reading this post!! You are awesome!! First, Happy Belated Birthday! Second, I love that you made it on the news! So fun! I also love the part about the sanding. What a good way to get some aggression out! And oh my ADORABLE!!!!! I LOVE the makeover on the table! It is Gorgeous! I love the distressing you did to it!!
    Thanks so much for sharing with us at Thursday's Temptation.

  2. Kellie

    Oh, I love it!
    Especially the "UPLIFT"-ing message and its frugal price tag.
    Awesome job. Now I'm off to search Target for that lamp!

    P.S. The Kardashian family would make me sand my butt off too.

  3. Richella

    This is too cool! How about those knobs? So creative of you!

    You know, I miss records. . . something about their scratchy sound was kind of cool. 🙂

    Thank you so much for joining Grace at Home. I really appreciate it. Bless you!

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