Black Door.....Take That Elizabeth Arden

Hey there friends, how was your weekend?
Mine was good, Annie's soccer season started again and the weather was beautiful all weekend = 70 and sunny.
Annnnnd I ran my first 5k Sunday!
And it was hard.
I mean really hard.
I even gasped those same words to the hubs along the race route.." this is soooooo hard".
But I finished and I wasn't anywhere near last place!
I finished the race in 38 minutes!
I know, its not that great but like I told my friend Rebecca, for a 42 year old with asthma and bad knees, I am very happy with that time.
And now I wanna do a 5k again, its such a rush.
I just have to get the feeling back in my ankles.
And the pain I have when I inhale has to go away.
And I need to be able to bend over without screaming in pain.
But other than that, I am juuuuusst fine!

So there is this trend going on in blog land and on Pinterest about painting interior doors black.
Usually I am waaaaay behind the trend.
Yeah, I am just NOW lovin' that.
And I refuse to pay 199 dollars for a chevron shower curtain so if anyone has a connection, could you hook a sista up??

When I saw the black door trend, it immediately struck a chord with me.
I love that!
I could do that!
I wouldn't even need a reason to do that!
And I could do it on the cheap!

So I went to my local Home Depot and talked to the nice man in the paint department.
He directed me to the exact paint and supplies I would need.
Take advantage of the free help you can get at home improvement stores.
Better than any blog out there for advice.

So I got all my supplies together:

You will need:

- paint (since it is an interior FRONT door, my HD guy suggested using an exterior paint).
The color is Silhouette by Martha Stewart but it is Glidden paint.
Muuuuuch cheaper.

-a 4 inch roller

-paint tray

-tape for the door knob and deadbolt

- a smaller brush for those hard to reach spots

Here is my front door before:

The thing I have hated most about a white front door?
It shows every nick, dent, scrape and piece of dirt.

And off I went......

Looks pretty awful in the "during" process.

And here it is all done!

I love how it makes this area pop more!

I do have to admit, the first night I wasn't so sure.
It made it seem so much darker over there.
Almost like there wasn't a door there.
Just night.
Staring at me.
                                 But now that I have lived with it for a week, I am so glad I did it.
It gives so much more definition to this area.
Gives it more character which is very hard to find in a home built 12 years ago.

I haven't hung anything on the door yet.
Because I am kind of afraid to.
I like it just this way for now.
When I get brave enough to put a command strip (painted black of course!) on here, I will share with you the final product.
That might be Christmas time though folks so don't get too excited.

So you know me.
I can't leave well enough alone.
As I was waiting for this door to dry and had all this paint and supplies leftover, I decided to also paint the closet door directly behind me.

See this door has been a pain in my side for YEARS.
Six years ago there was a nail polish throwing incident that occurred in this foyer that may have had to do with a former neighbor's three year old little boy.
Which made this door look as though it had played a major part in a murder.
So after years of scrubbing, Magic Eraser-ing and desperation spray painting, I had had enough.
Because when you come to my front door, this is the first thing you see.
The alleged nail polish murder scene.

I even added a red knob to the door to take away from the red nail polish.
I know, I know....

So here it is during.....

By the way, that is just a garbage bag ripped up.
You don't need a fancy drop cloth.
This worked just fine.
I got this idea on Pinterest or a blog somewhere.
Not sure where.
I have a feeling this is an old idea but I love the idea anyhow.
Just threw it away when I was done and moved on!

I also got a cool new knob at Hobby Lobby for the new closet door.
Its the same kind of knob I used for Annie's night stand.
I love it so much, it makes it look more like a farmhouse door.
And less like a murder scene door.
 And it only cost me $2.99 on sale!

Can you hear my peaceful sighing from here?
I just love this so much more now.

And all it took was a can of paint (not even a large one!), a new knob and about 30 minutes of my time per door!
And no nail polish will be permitted within 50 feet of this door.


  1. Hmm...makes me want to get out some black paint and paint all of our doors. We have the same "era" of boring white doors. Both really look awesome!

  2. That looks awesome!!!!! I love it!

  3. Wow! The doors look great and your pictures are sure to inspire a lot a new black doors, maybe mine!

  4. Liking it black. I have seen lots of interior doors being painted darker colors lately...looks like a new trend. Thanks for sharing at my party. Now about the link...I would rather have my readers have a link in their post, because it's so much easier for their friends to see which parties that they are going to.


  5. Just gorgeous! I LOVE them!
    Smiles, dianeM

  6. First, CONGRATS on finishing the 5K! That's awesome, and I'm glad you want to do another one! And, the doors fabulous!

  7. Congrats on your marathon, that is really wonderful....
    Like your doors, though mine will remain white...the hubs would never go for that....

  8. Love it, it looks really great!
    haha, I am gradually paint my ugly dark walnut brown interior doors and baseboards and trim white. It totally transforms!

  9. It's party time at Debt Free Mommy Blog and we'd love to see you there! Please come join us and link up to Making Space Mondays. We'd love to see any post(s) about making your spaces better. Thanks, Tabitha

  10. You've done yourself proud with the black paint! Honestly, I think this is great. Both doors look really good now. I'll be interested to see how the black doors take the wear and tear of life. So far, do you see scuff marks, etc? Lint? Pet hair (if that applies)? Inquiring minds want to know!

    BTW, congrats on your 5K! Good for you!!

  11. What a fun change! Thanks so much for sharing it on Fabulous Friday at Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust.

    Warmly, MIchelle

  12. It’s not advisable to paint outer doors black because the color can attract heat and make the wood warp. But, for interior doors, black can certainly make any boring door look stunning. I’m just wondering if you added a stain finish to the paint. It would be great to add a semi-gloss coat to the door. That would make the door look more appealing, and it would be easier to clean smudges and fingerprints with that. :)

    @Tameka Lauricella

  13. Tameka- I didn't know that about outer doors and considering so many outer doors are painted black it kinda makes ya wonder...:)
    Good idea.
    I didn't have the foresight to do that but once I get unlazy, I will do that!


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