Master Bathroom Makeover- There is NUTHIN’ Master About This Bath

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So I have this bathroom.
That adjoins our bedroom.
They call it a “master” bathroom.
But there is nothing “master” about it.
Only that it is the bathroom that is assigned to the master bedroom.
So really, master by association bathroom.

For years I have wanted to shake it up but this is the thing; we still had the same paint from the previous owners (we will call them Claude and Mona for the sake of the blog) who lived here 7.5 years ago.
And we may or may not have still had the same storage cabinet in the bathroom over the toilet that may or may not have allegedly been in Claude and Mona’s master bath.

I even blogged about our pathetic little bath back in 2010 here.

Here is a picture of my bath from 2010:

See Claude and Mona’s white cabinet?
And my saline on the counter?
Apparently I don’t know how to clear a counter before I take a picture.
This will make more sense to you in a few seconds.

So the bathroom was this blue color.
Which was nice and serene but also made this very soul crushingly small room even more small.
We also had one of those builder grade mirrors that take up most of the wall as well.
We ended up finding an amazing mirror at Lowe’s Labor Day weekend of 2010 but before you look at the picture let me offer a disclaimer about the picture you are about to see:

There is Monistat on the counter.
Because as well as having a really ugly bathroom in 2010, I must have also had a yeast infection.
And yes, I could have edited the photo but I decided to be real.
Because you are not gonna get this kind of honesty at the big blogs.
Nor will you get a plug for a feminine product.

Geez, it’s almost like I posed it there.
Like Monistat was paying me back then.
They weren’t.
Or I wouldn’t have had to wait two more years for a better bathroom.

Back to the mirror…it was only 12 dollars.
It was sheer luck that I found this because I have yet to find another mirror that even comes close to that price.
So the bathroom sat like this for another two years even after adding that mirror.
Whoa whoa whoa….didn’t want to go too fast you know.

So this summer I said, enough! We are making this bathroom our own after seven years!
But I wanted to do it, as I want to do everything, on a small budget.
My original budget was $150 dollars.
Which isn’t a lot when it comes to bathrooms.

Here is the before circa September 2012:


Do you see how the rugs, towels and shower curtain don’t even match or have remotely the same coloring?
I just gave up in here.
I had nothing left to give.

We did buy a new light fixture to replace the circa 1988 dressing room bulb light fixture.
$39 at Home Depot!
To give those who aren’t privy to pricing on these types of things some idea, these things usually cost around $100 plus.
So I was really excited to find this.

Oh and see the new faucet?
Huge props to my husband for installing this himself.
He will be the first to admit that he isn’t the handiest of people but he is always willing to learn and try.
And he did this by himself, and I am really proud of him.

After note- he DID end up jacking it up. Have someone who knows what they are doing install it, please. 


The first step was to get rid of Claude and Mona’s blue bathroom and make it Mike and Kari’s bathroom.
Here it is after it was painted:
But I took the swatch to Home Depot and had them mix it using Behr paint because it is more affordable that way.
I also for the first time used low VOC paint.
I couldn’t smell the paint that night in the bedroom.
I will pay the extra and get it from now on.
And by the way, I love the color.
I think it looks more taupe than gray.
What do you think?
So the next thing I wanted to change was the floors.
Just your basic builder quality vinyl flooring.
I have never understood why people put light color flooring in bathrooms.
No, I can tell you why: the people who make those decisions have never cleaned a bathroom floor in their life.
White flooring shows every hair, every speck of dirt and every splotch of makeup.
The dirtiest room in the home should not have the lightest color floor.
So I had noticed on blogs and through home improvement shows that they now have peel and stick vinyl flooring that looks like hardwood floors and that you could install them over the existing floor.
So after price comparing at Home Depot and Lowe’s, I found what I wanted at Lowe’s.
Peel and stick plank flooring.
They have something very similar at Amazon here.
And I knew just the person to help me install it!
My best friend Rebecca.
Because my husband was out-of-town on business for a week when I decided to do this.
And I wanted to surprise him.
I should say that this was on day five of being alone with both of my girls day and night that we decided to install it.
Rebecca was amazing.
She pieced it all out like a puzzle.
Then she wanted to know if I wanted the planks to look staggered like real hardwood.
Umm sure?
Because if I was doing this alone?
It wouldn’t have looked this good and I wouldn’t have thought this through.
And I would still be in this bathroom with flooring stuck to my hair, shirt and body, rocking back and forth in the fetal position.


Looking good already!
So we were peeling and sticking the planks away and literally cheering each time we finished a plank.

Clap! Clap! Clap!
Look at us go!
We rock!

Then we started getting really cocky.

This is so easy!
Who in the world would pay anyone to do this?
A toddler could do this!

Until we hit a stumbling block.

The toilet.
The potty, the crapper, the john, call it what you will.
It was a pain in the you know.
No pun intended.

A little pun intended.

Rebecca made a template, then traced it onto the vinyl pieces, then I would take the knife of death utility knife and score the plank and snap it.
Then we would try to fit it into place like a puzzle.

This is when it happened.
We literally lost it.
We were laughing so hard that we had tears in our eyes.
Oh wait, maybe we were crying.

And that is when we said:

OMG this is sooo why people pay other people to do these things!!

And that is when we also said:

I get why labor costs so much!!


Here is a picture of me enjoying my new floors…whilst Rebecca is laboring away with the templates.


And here is the new floor!

I absolutely love this.
You have no idea.
I never ever EVER thought I would have floors like this.

Thank you so much Rebecca for helping me with this.
I love you so much for this.
The cost?

$50 at Lowe’s.

50 dollars for hardwood looking floors!
My brother mentioned it would have been easier to take the toilet out altogether to install.
I told him, that I am replacing the girls bath flooring as well and I should expect him at my home to help next week.
Because if we had trouble putting the vinyl around the toilet, I am going to say we are gonna have even more trouble taking said toilet out.
Isn’t that the theory of relativity anyway?
Sure it is.


Are you ready for the big reveal?
Here we go……

The Egg Harbor sign was a gift to ourselves eight years ago.
We got engaged there in that little Wisconsin town and always wanted a reminder.
Above our toilet.


The clock we have had since we moved into our home.
It used to be in our family room and has been in the bath for a few years now.


The two little plants on the potty have been all over my home.
I love them here.


The jewelry organizer on the counter is from Container Store a few years ago.
When you have a teeny bathroom, storage is key and love this so much since it doesn’t get my jewelry all tangled up.


I just can’t stop looking at these floors.


Just so pretty.


We were originally thinking about installing a new vanity.
We saw one we loved at Home Depot and it was $299.00 on sale but just hated to spend so much money on something like that.
So we decided to go with the new faucet and new knobs from Hobby Lobby.
70 dollars compared to 300 dollars.
I love this so much and am so glad we decided to keep this vanity now.


Here it is before:


And after:

And in 2009:

And now:


And now:


Here is the cost rundown for the bath renovation:
1- flooring- I got it at Lowe’s for $46.95 a box. I only needed one box of planks. It is called Style Selections and I do not remember the exact name of this color. It is serial # 0399147.
You can also find very similar styles at Amazon here for a lot less!
3- towel bars and accessories– $23.95 for a package.
4- outlet covers– $3.95 each
5- oval mirror– $12.00 at Lowe’s 2 years ago.
6- light fixture- Home Depot for 39 dollars which is discontinued but Amazon has one I love even more.
7- paint-revere pewter by Benjamin Moore but used Behr low VOC paint from Home Depot – $30 for a gallon. I still have enough leftover to use in the girls bathroom makeover.
8- shower curtain- 19 bucks at Target. Inspiration? My mama. She has the same one in her beautiful Tennessee mountain home and now I feel like I have a part of her in my home.
9- knobs on vanity- 3 bucks each on sale from Hobby Lobby so 6 bucks total.
Grand total for a total master bath re-haul?
$ 249.75
$50 dollars less than what the new vanity alone would have cost!
 I went over my budget just a little but I was told by a realtor that any improvements you make in a bath or kitchen will increase your value by double.

I also did not shell all this money out at one time.

I love this look so much and I love that I didn’t have to break the bank to do it.
I wonder what Claude and Mona would think?
Go here to see how we re-did our girls bathroom with the same flooring!
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49 thoughts on “Master Bathroom Makeover- There is NUTHIN’ Master About This Bath

  1. Antonia Belmonte

    HOLY CRAP!!!! hahaha no pun intended? or maybe pun intended.
    hahaha it looks AH-mazing. i LOVE it so much. the floors are awesome. love it so much better with out the shlf over the tolete.
    and the meaning behind your shower curtain is SO cute…
    great job!!

  2. Lizzy

    It looks like you had an amazing weekend! Apple cider mini donuts sound delightful! And the bathroom!?!? Amazing! I love the before pictures… I'm notorious for leaving crap on the counter in pictures! The floor looks amazing, but I think the best part is that you have a bit of your mom in there. A girl always needs her mama!!

  3. Jane

    Wow, that is such an Awesome Makeover!! Great job. I love the new faucet and those hard woods, or is it vinyl…look great! Can't believe you spent so little.


  4. fadedginger

    That floor made all the difference! When we moved into our house, the bathrooms were carpeted. Wall to wall. Yeah, it was gross. I wish that peel and stick fake wood had been available back then. Such a quick fix!

  5. Morgan

    I stumbled onto the site, i heart nap time and came across a link to your site and really enjoyed your bathroom remodel. my husband is in construction ergo, nothing gets done here that I don't. truly the biggest impact was the flooring and it looks AMAZING! I love your writing and the humor behind it because you sound like a friend and made me laugh. Thanks!

  6. Patty

    Love this! I too have a small bathroom and the flooring is horrid. Love the peel and stick you did. My question is, are you're fixtures: mirror,knobs etc. black or oil rubbed bronze?

  7. Erin

    Beautiful! I want to do this in my bathroom like NOW!!! Did you take your baseboards and little trim by the door off or just stick the planks down next to them?

  8. colleen

    ha ha I still have carpet in my guest bathroom ick. we don't have a lowes up here only homedepot. i have been trying to decide what kind of flooring to get for 14 yrs and by golly this is it thx 😉

  9. Dear Emmeline

    the floor looks awesome!!! I may have to look into this…I love it! I thought the same thing about removing the toilet. I sppose if I was doing it myself I'd probably convince myself to work around it but my husband's a plumber so I got the right guy to remove it for me! 🙂

  10. Kristopher Diss

    Having a wooden bathroom floor is pretty unique. Not only does it look good, but it also promotes cleanliness more because people will have the discipline not to spill water on the floor because it has the tendency to warp if it’s always wet.

  11. Jacque n Matt Knowlton

    I love this, this is great, did I mention that I love this? I have been mulling over using Ben Pewter in my family room. I picked Baby Fawn but now after seeing your bath in 2nd guessing myself. This is a big one for me because it is not only the color for the family room, but also the 2 1/2 story entrance foyer, upstairs hall and stairwell, and part of our kitchen … gotta love open floor plans! – Jacque @theDIYvillage

  12. Dianne Grover

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful post. I am actually very envious of you for having that wonderful autumn drive. I really love to have seen those beautiful mums with my own eyes. These are just very uplifting. Anyway, your bathroom has indeed transformed. You certainly did an absolutely amazing job, which I am certain that others as well as home builders Missouri
    will also appreciate. Thanks for sharing this post.

  13. Array ofAbstraction

    Great idea! I'm thinking of using this in our master bath as well! One question~how did you work around the baseboards and the flush that separates the bath floor from the next room's floor?
    Thank you for sharing this with us viewers;)

  14. Array ofAbstraction

    Great idea! I'm thinking of using this in our master bath as well! One question~how did you work around the baseboards and the flush that separates the bath floor from the next room's floor?
    Thank you for sharing this with us viewers;)

  15. Katy Cedillo

    I LOVE it! That flooring is exactly what I want for my whole house. How has it held up and would us use it again? Great makeover and is Rebecca still your Bestie after the event, lol? Y'all did a great job.

    1. Kari Post author

      Funny you should ask….I was going to take pictures to add to this post but the lighting sucked.
      They are holding up surprisingly well. A few pieces came off of the area beside the toilet but we had so much left over that we just replaced it.
      But other than that, they are worth every penny.

        1. Kari Post author

          The name is Style Selections at Lowe’s. They have many name brands to choose from but these were much less expensive.
          They are called Peel and Stick Vinyl planks. They have many colors to choose from but I don’t remember the name of mine because I don’t have the box any longer just the planks. I hope this helps.

          1. Katie

            Did you remove your baseboards or that metal bar where the planks meet the carpet when you were installing?

  16. Kellie

    Kari, not only do I love, love, love your “newest” bathroom redo, but I love your blog. You totally made me smile while reading your experience. Job well done!

    I am moving into an apartment and will take this on in my “new” bathroom!

    Thank you for being such a great writer!

  17. Tanya

    What an amazing makeover! One year after your updates in the comments, I’m wondering if it comes off if you’re intentionally trying to take it off? I have a gross dirty beige tile in my bathroom and would like to put something like this on top; the problem is, the house isn’t mine (rental) and I’d probably have to leave it the way it was if the landlord doesn’t like it. Thank you!

    1. Kari Post author

      Thank you! So I have had this on my floor for almost five years now and it is still there! But it is starting to come up in places. So you could definitely peel this off. I would say this is a perfect idea for renters since you aren’t able to change the floors but I would ask your landlord to be safe. Maybe show her/him the after on this post and see if they like it. Maybe they will decide to keep it! Good luck!

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