Girls Bath Re-Do- From Girly Girl to Big Girl

So I had a hateful comment on my blog Friday for the first time.
A really hateful comment.
And it really bothered me.
Because it came from a former friend.
In regards to my Things I Am Afraid To Tell You post.
Apparently, I was right in being afraid.
And I was told by my family and friends this weekend not to let it get to me.

But it did.
And worst of all, it kind of ruined my family time this weekend.
This "friend" has since gone on to send me two more emails to tell me how awful of a human I am.
Well, the last one I just deleted without even reading.
Because I just don't care what she thinks anymore.

I am honest on this blog.
And I let you know who I am.
But there was one part of the Things I Am Afraid To Tell You post that I purposely deleted.
About my youngest daughter.
She has had some behavioral issues in the past 4 years that have been very hard to deal with.
She went to therapy this summer and is much better but some days are harder than others.
Please, please don't be upset if this is how you are finding out about this.
I have struggled with this for so long and felt like a failure as a parent because of it and truly, I didn't want anyone to treat Ellie differently after learning this.

This "friend" told me twice (once in the comment and once in an email) that "You don't like your daughter" among the other many mean things she said.

And THAT is the only thing I am addressing.

I have faults, MANY but dammit, don't you EVER insult me as a parent.
Those who know me well, know that my kids are my world.
The past four years have been a struggle for many reasons and yes, there have been many moments where Ella was hard to like, where I was on the bathroom floor alone after she went to bed sobbing, where I was begging God to let this be a good day.
And that is hard to admit but for this disgusting comment to even be written?
Well it got to me.
So please forgive me for venting on here but that is why I blog in the first place.
To talk.
About my life.
And my fears.
And my faults.

So I am thinking about sticking to only decorating and crafting on the blog from now on.
Because I cannot have another weekend like this past one.
And if you hate a craft or a room I re-did, chances are it isn't going to cut as deep.
I also changed how you can comment on my blog.
Because the above venom came in the form of a brave anonymous post.
So from now on, you will have to name yourself to comment on here.
And it will have to be moderated before it gets published.
I know this might limit me in my comments but I really have to do it for my sanity.
You might not like me, but at least if you tell me so, I will know who you are.

On to something lighter, 'kay?

So a few weeks ago, I shared with you my master bath reveal here.
And I was so excited that I created such an amazing bathroom on such a small budget that I decided to redo our girls bathroom too.
Because not only is it the girls bathroom but it is also the bathroom that all our overnight guests use.
And frankly, it was sad.
Literally sad.
I would walk in there and just get depressed being in the room.
It was just eh.

It wasn't horrible but just not what I would have picked for my girls.
I did like the brushed nickel hardware they used and planned to keep that but wanted to spice it up in here.
The thing is, I have a big gap between my girls.
Almost 8 years big.
So I had to keep them both in mind when creating this shared bath.
Less girly girl but not too tween/adult that it wouldn't even look like a girls bathroom.
There was also a request by my almost 13 year old that there can be no monkeys, owls, frogs, ducks or the color pink in this room.
Sure love.
No problem.
I mean, thats only ALL they have in the bathroom decor department at Target.
But I will get right on that.

Get rid of that builder mirror.
Get rid of the 80's, backstage, dressing room light fixture.
We are not on Broadway people.
Paint it a little lighter but neutral.
Change up the shower curtain and add new flooring.

Oh and get rid of the towel bar above the potty.
They had three towel bars in this bathroom.
More than any other room in the house.
Apparently, the previous owners kids needed lots of towels.
 Yes, there is my plunger.
In the picture.
I really need to take a photography class.
Please, I need to keep it in this room with the fouryearoldwhouseshalfarolloftptowipeherrearend.

Again, like the master bath, I just gave up in here.
              Can I just say, that bath towels, rugs, accessories etc are just so stinkin' expensive?
Seriously, why?
I don't get it.
Its where you go pee and poop.
And occasionally read a book, with the door locked, and a glass of wine and bag of Doritos and a flashlight so as to go undetected.
That's just me? 

Here it is in the during phase:

Enough to put me in a coma.
I don't do well with the "during" phase.
It makes me all itchy and nervous.
Its all good, I had Halloween candy to comfort me during the "during" phase.

Almost done.....

OK so here is the after.
Are you ready???

So I have a confession.
I think I may love this more than our bathroom redo.
It feels like you are in an elegant hotel bathroom.
Or actually not even like you are in a bathroom at all.

We also decided to redo the floors in this bath just as we did in our master.
With hardwood looking peel and stick flooring from Lowe's.
Here is a before of the floors:

And I knew just the person, yet again, to help me out.

And my four year old Ellie. 
She dressed herself this day.
Or is that just stating the obvious?
As sweet as it was that she wanted to help, it also got a little frustrating at times.
Until I told her to take some of the extra planks and make something.
She made an "aquarium".

I don't know about you, but I would say that's the best aquarium I have ever seen.
And yes, that's my baseboards that have taken three months to paint.
Its just that redoing bathrooms is sooo much more fun than baseboards!
I know, I know.
Back to the baseboards......

Rebecca, I am so so so sorry for making you do this with me.
I promise you will get a lunch outta this.
And maybe a spa day.
And also maybe a margarita.
And a cookie.

I should mention that we didn't finish the floor.
We got to the toilet and stopped because we ran out of time and energy.
Oh ok.
Its really because we took an hour lunch break.
But it was a gooooood lunch.
                                                        And we had lots to talk about.
So much more important than the floors.
Pish posh.
Anyway. the hubs did finish it for us that evening.
And I knew he was antsy to do something about the floors.
So it was the least I could do for him.
Thank you sweetie!
I promise you will get a dinner outta this.
                                                                       And a beer.
And a cookie.

And here are the floors now:

I just can't stop staring.
This is such an amazing transform.
And it only cost 50 bucks.
That's including tax.

Here are the before and after's:



 I picked green because it can be both feminine and girly yet very teenagerish.
                                      Did ya see how I just made up a word there?
I stuck with the brushed nickel so I wouldn't have to buy new towel bars or outlet covers.
I also think the brushed nickel makes it more feminine than oil rubbed bronze, which is what we have in the master bath.  




That mirror.
I went in to Lowe's thinking I was going to have to spend at least 50 bucks on a mirror.
When I saw this on clearance for $17.49 and there were only 2 left, I squealed right there in the mirror aisle.
I couldn't believe my good luck.
I went back the following week to pick something up and went down the aisle to see if they were still there.
Deal of the year for me.



 Towel bar gone.
Now my girls initials are there.
From Hobby Lobby for 50% off.
This can always be easily changed as they grow up too.
The pots on the toilet?
Got those at Dollar Tree years ago.
Filled with green moss stones.
                                                         Also from DT from years ago.



My 12 year old shrieked when we revealed it to her.
I kinda did too.
 Its so much more amazing than it was in my head when I was putting this together.

And those floors!!!

 Just amazeballs.

Here is the final tally for a brand new bathroom for my sweet girls:

1- flooring- Style Selections Antique Woodland Oak @ Lowe's. 47.20 for a box of 20 planks. More than enough, some even leftover, for this little bath.

2- faucet- Delta Windemere at Lowe's. 59.00 on sale, regularly 79.00.

3- mirror- 17.49 on clearance at Lowe's.
And there are none left.
I went back and checked.

4- lighting- brushed nickel frosted glass vanity- 42.48 at Home Depot.

5- shower curtain- restyle at Target 14.99

6- bath rug- same at Target 19.99

7- letters above toilet- Hobby Lobby for 9.99 total for both. They were 50% off, normally 9.99 each.

8- pots on the toilet tank- had these so no money spent. Pots from Dollar Tree and the green rocks too. I just spray painted the pots with chalkboard paint.

9- knobs on vanity- Hobby Lobby for 3.99 total after 50% off.

10- paint- color is Revere Pewter by Sherman Williams. No extra money spent since this is the color that we painted our bathroom. AND I had it mixed at Home Depot NOT at Sherwin Williams to save money.  

Grand total-  $215.13

Both girls LOVE their new bath.
Not a frog or monkey in sight.
And something that when guests come, won't make them cringe to use the bathroom.


  1. Love the redo! I'd squeal, too! And chin up :)

  2. Both of your bathroom re-dos are gorgeous! I love those peel and stick floor planks, I used the tiles in our front entry way and it made such a huge difference.
    I don't even know you but I hate that a comment ruined your weekend. Especially after you really put yourself out there and were totally honest. Honesty like that is hard. Really hard. And I'm sure you're an awesome mom.

  3. Grrrrr! If I knew where this "friend" of yours lived -- (and if I wasn't 8 states away) -- I think I might be paying her a little visit this morning. >:(
    Sounds like she's a despicable excuse for a human being, much less friend. ... What's SHE doing reading your blog, anyway!?! SHE obviously has issues.
    Regardless, I'm very sorry she caused you to feel this way. And that she drug your little girl into this, too. :(
    I say ... keep doin what your doin, girl! Haters gonna hate. THEY'RE the ones with the problem, not you. And no one's forcing anyone to read your blog, so you should feel free to post absolutely anything that strikes your fancy.
    And that's my two cents.
    Big hugs, friend!
    Hang in there!
    Bec :-)

  4. PLEASE don't let some terrible bitch dictate what you write about. This is YOUR blog.

  5. I think you just need to stick with what you want to talk about on your blog. You do this for you so forget people who can't even have the backbone to say who they are when they criticize. You vent when you need to. That person just need to get a life. You did an amazing job on the bathroom! Love the floor!

  6. Wow, great transformation! And that flooring is so cool. I will have to check it out.

  7. I love you all.
    Thank you so much for your sweet words.
    And a special thank you to my "tweeps".
    Big sloppy kisses to all of you.

  8. Someone once said something to me that has stuck with me through this whole motherhood thing: no one understands what you're going through except you, so it's very easy to judge from the outside. The trick is to remember that and not let things other people say get to you.

    Very easy to say though - if someone had made a comment about my parenting, I would've been on the floor all weekend too.

    But know that you ARE NOT a bad mother, and that she is just an unhappy, vengeful person.

    You are so much better than her!!!


  9. Ohhhhhh HELL TO THE NO!!!!
    first of all the bathroom redo is AH-maz!! love it to pieces. You rocked it yet again.

    second of all im just gonna say one thing. ok maybe a few. to hell with her!! TO FLIPP'N hell with her. And thats putting it lightly, i've said some some evil things in my head that i wont type on here about her. I've never even met you in person but i am NOT a fan of this person that made you feel that way!! Its NOT acceptable. usually people that TRY and make other people feel bad about themselves are just JEALOUS people...
    you keep on doing what you are doing. cause you know what?, you effing ROCK!!!!

  10. OMG, I'm so irritated right now. putting it lightly to hell with her. YOU ROCK!!
    what i've learned in life is that peopel that do that to other people. You know try and make them feel bad about them selves, talk mean to them, talk negative to them, about them. are JEALOUS. jealous people. Is she perfect? NO ONE ONE is. I think she is scum for making you feel that way. I've never met you in person and im NOT a fan of how she made you feel.
    You keep doing what you are doing cause i think you ROCK!!!!
    and the bathroom redo...AH-mazing. it looks completely different and what a fab job you did on those floors. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!
    chin up butter cup. chin way way up. you hear?
    enjoy your day. I look forward to reading your blog!!

  11. First off: LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the transformation!! Those floors are to DIE FOR!! Love!! I recently did a $15 counter-facelift in our bathroom, and I'm pretty sure it helped sell our house. I can appreciate the value of a frugal re-do. But yours looks like anything BUT frugal... way to go!

    Secondly, I read your things I'm afraid to tell you post, and I have a feeling it was edited since originally published. And that makes me sad. It makes me sad because I know you did it because someone made you feel insecure. About baring your soul. And that is horrible. I think it takes guts to be yourself, warts and all ;) People who judge are not only not friends, they are antagonists. If I read something I disagree with, I might say it. But who am I to judge someone's opinions? I hope this one bad apple doesn't keep you from being you. For every 1 crapper, there are 100 people out their who think you're the bees knees. Keep it up, girl!!

  12. love the green, especially the shower curtain, and loooove the floor. goodness!

    and i'm annoyed at the anonymous comment you got. how dare someone presume to know the difficulties in your life, with your children. i completely understand your new commenting system, and i am someone with very thin skin, too. sorry that you had a crappy weekend from a hurtful comment.

  13. I love you all so much! Thank you over and over for your support!
    And Antonia- you know I love ya girl! Especially the Aww Helllll Noooo. YOU rock!

  14. Don't ever stop being yourself and being honest. Holy crap we have all had horrifying parenting moments, times when we LOVE our kids but don't LIKE them too much. Anyone who is saying they've never felt that was is a liar or has pretend children ;-) I love your blog, your honesty, and you crafty stuff too! Don't let someone take YOU away from you. I soooo get it. The perfect crap out there, well, to me...it's just that...crap. i need real. I'm real. I just ate old marshmallows for dinner and i farted.

  15. You are so amazing and sweet. I cannot even fathom why someone would be mean to you :( I too had someone from my past post something extremely hurtful on my blog. I ended up changing my blog so that I had to approve the comments. I also try to keep my blog as non personal as possible because I used to blog about my special needs children (I have a daughter with Selective Mutism who was also in therapy by the age of 3) because some people were cruel and made awful remarks about things that they couldn't even possibly begin to understand. Hugs to you my friend. You rock!

  16. Hi, Kari

    Love the bathrooms and love you! It's better not to have this unhealthy person around you, especially if they are going to bring you down. Shame on her.


  17. That was wonderful. Good for you for speaking your truth. We need to be allowed to speak honestly about our parenting trials without being criticized for not "liking "our kids. Who says something like that? I am fired up on that topic because I just spent a lot of time getting a hateful troll banned from the Mamapedia site and I cannot stand the judgy people who can't keep their comments to themselves. Ugh. Go you! Oh and now I want to remodel our bathrooms. Thanks a lot. ;)

  18. That was wonderful. Good for you for speaking your truth. We need to be allowed to speak honestly about our parenting trials without being criticized for not "liking "our kids. Who says something like that? I am fired up on that topic because I just spent a lot of time getting a hateful troll banned from the Mamapedia site and I cannot stand the judgy people who can't keep their comments to themselves. Ugh. Go you! Oh and now I want to remodel our bathrooms. Thanks a lot. ;)

  19. LOVE th bathroom for the girls! And the aquarium!? What an imagination that girl has!

    I'm saddened by the mean comments/emails. Like another commenter said, you are the only one that knows what you're going through. Nobody else had the right to judge. Love your blog, and loved that post too!

  20. I would have happy danced in the aisle after finding the mirror deal. Lucky you! I'm working on our kids bathroom too. I'm super psyched to see how little you spent!

  21. I'm saddened for you. What new and other moms need are honest moms above all else! Women who will tell the real, hard, embarrassing, disgusting, painful, honest truth. Not one of us parents in a rose garden filled with flawless and picturesque moments. I resent the hell out of anyone who A.) pretends that they do or B.) judges other women for being honest and brave. I urge you to reconsider. But, if you won't I completely understand. Your bathroom makeover is beautiful! And I look forward to many more jealousy-inducing design posts. Also, if you'd ever like to anonymously guest post on my site...it's all yours babe! Hugs!

  22. I love LOVE LOVE your new bathroom. In fact, I love it so much I would love for you to come and re do mine. :-)

  23. Ok Jessica! Tell me when and where and I will be there! :)

  24. I've already told you on twitter how great I think your are. Some people will just hate for no reason and the remodeling stuff is great. So great is your blog that I'm awarding your the Sunshine Award! I hope that you're willing to accept it. You can go to my site http://thingsthathappeneverydaytome.blogspot.com/2012/11/i-got-sunshine-award.html and get all the groovy details!! Looking forward to your next remodeling project.

  25. My daughter sent me your blog for the bathroom re-do photos--great job, by the way. However, the beginning of this post broke my heart. I'm sorry that someone was hateful to you. Please don't let that discourage you from being your true self. Whatever the comment was, it really had nothing to do with you and everything to do with that person's nasty nature.
    We'll never meet, but my best wishes to you and your family.

  26. Patty- Thanks so much for the sweet comment. I hope everyone knows how much these kind words mean to me.

  27. Amazing job on your bathroom re-do! I have a bathroom like that in my house as well, not awful, but really needs to be redone. Although I don't have your towel bar problem...There's only one hook (on the door) in the whole room!

    Anyhow, found you via the "What's Shakin'" Link Party and I'm your newest follower!

    Also boo-hiss to your "friend" sending you nasty-grams. Others have said it, but I'll echo their sentiments - if she's going to treat you like that in such a cowardly way, you are better off without her!

  28. I may be a little late to reading and commenting on this, but I would love to add in as well -I too have been in the rut of comparing myself to other bloggers - it isn't pretty and it is a waste of my time. There is room enough for all of us to do our piece and create and tell stories. I may not have 5,000 followers(yet!) but my blog is still valid and funny and makes the world go 'round.

    As far as changing the tone and direction of your blog because of spiteful comments...well that would be a cryin' shame, to change what you write about out of fear. If you want to change it because restoring is your passion - then that is why you should change. Then your writing will be real and authentic and people will continue to read. But if you don't include the raw, real stories because you are afraid of what people will say or think...then your blog won't be YOU. Write and create whatever the frick you want - but do it to please yourself and not through worrying what others may think.

    There is no doubt - it hurts. It makes my hands shake and stomach drop. I have had it happen. We put it out there to be read and shared. And like it or not, there will always be SOMEONE who does not agree or judges.

    To them I say - suck it. Go read someone else's sugar coated shit.

    Keep on.

  29. I guess I should have started stalking my twitter friends sooner. I had no idea you were a craft blog. I saw it on Peanut Layne. I LOVE redoing/decorating, I am definintely coming back

  30. For some reason my comment just deleted itself. Anyway, I had no idea you were a craft blogger until I read it on Peanut Layne. I LOVE redoing/redecorating especially on the cheap. I am def coming back.

  31. Oh Kari! I know this was last year but I just read it. I have so been where you're at. Please ignore the critics, listen to your heart and carry on. Sometimes it even gets better. ;o) Cary


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