Kitchen Makeover- Paint Changes EVERYTHING

Hi there friends!
Busy busy here as we are getting ready for my mom and dad to arrive from Tennessee today!
Which is why I waited to publish this post today.
I wanted to see their faces when they see the "new" kitchen for the first time.

If anyone asked me what my favorite room in the house is, it would be my family room.
Its cozy, I love the paint color in there and its where the dvr is.
Hey, just keepin' it real.

But my tie for favorite room is my kitchen.
Because I spend more time in that room probably than any other.
I do.
I cook in here, help kids with homework in here, do craft projects in here, bake in here, do the bills in here, eat all our meals in here, sit around the kitchen table and talk in here. And so on.....
When we first moved to our home in 2005, it was white.
Builder grade white walls.
And there wasn't a lot of love in this kitchen.

In fact, here are some pictures I have of our home before we bought it:

OK I am just gonna say it now.
There are a lot of bloggers who are painting their cabinets white.
And that's great and all but to those who are on the fence?
You will be cleaning your cabinets for the rest of your ever lovin lives.
It never ever ends.
Its this abysmal pit of cleaning that will go on and on and on and on and on.......
Embrace your oak cabinets.
With all of your being.

Despite the sea of white that I saw when I walked into my kitchen for the first time, it was an amazing kitchen.
My mom compared it to a farmhouse kitchen because it was its own separate room unlike most kitchens nowadays where they open to a family room.
Which was exactly what I was looking for originally but embraced this kitchen immediately.

So the first room we painted that summer we moved in was the kitchen.
Because if I was gonna spend a lot of time in this room, it needed to be any color other than white.

We picked this teal color, I wish I could remember the name but it was almost 8 years ago.
This is what our kitchen looked like with the teal:

We got so many compliments on this color over the years and we loved it too but over the years it was starting to show wear and tear.
Plus, I think kitchens need to get painted more often because of all the grease, oils, smoke etc that go along with cooking.

And as much great light as we got in this room, this color really dragged down the kitchen.
Especially in the winter months.

The one great thing about this color is that it made the white appliances look better.
If that's even possible.
Hey, I am just glad they aren't avocado green.
Not that there is anything wrong with that.

I have wanted to paint this kitchen many times over the years.
At one point, I wanted to paint it red.
But thought that would make it even darker and we wanted to go in the other direction.

Then this summer, I stumbled upon a color by Benjamin Moore called Revere Pewter.
And it was life changing.
Because it made our master bath and the girls bath look so much richer and brighter.

And then I stumbled upon this color on a fave blog of mine:

Isn't that green amazing?
I am not a huge fan of green paint.
I mean, I guess you could say the teal I have in the kitchen is a green but not GREEN green.
So when I saw this, I knew immediately I needed to have it in my home somewhere.
So I asked Holly over at Life as a Thrifter what color this was and she said Offbeat Green by Sherwin Williams.
Then I went to my local Sherwin Williams store, got the swatch, then put it away for over a month.
Originally I thought about painting my entire kitchen this color.
But I was wanting to shy away from such a bold color in my kitchen, would I really want to do another bold color?
Then I had an idea.
Paint an accent wall in the kitchen the green but the rest do in a neutral Revere Pewter.
So I headed over to Home Depot with my Sherwin Williams swatch in hand and we got to work.

Yes that is my recycling on the counter.

Painting prep is never pretty or fun.

The green is up!!

Bye bye teal.
You were good to us.

I never said painting was pretty.
But look at how much brighter it is??

And here it is.
Our new kitchen!

I am officially in love.
With that green accent wall.
 And I am SO glad we did an accent wall.
Because the Revere Pewter is so neutral that it would have looked so blah on every single wall.
But now I wish I had painted every wall in Offbeat Green.
Yet, I wonder if having it on every wall would have been overkill?

Still getting used to the neutral after having such a dark color on the walls.
But we all love how it looks in here now.
So much lighter.

It feels so fresh and clean in here now!

Still have my chalkboard wall!

That clock I got at Target last year for 3 bucks on clearance!!
The "our life" sign I actually made from an old sign two summers ago.
The artwork clip strip I got at Goodwill last year for $2.99.
The curtains are from Lowe's.

I love this so much.
I don't think I have ever loved a paint color so much.

And this was with the overhead lights off!
And its still bright and cheery!

Here is the before before:

The before:

And the after:

Did you notice the artwork on the wall?

That may or may not have been my Fall To Don't List.

Will post the gory details next week.
Happy Thanksgiving to all of my loyal readers.
I wish I could list all of you one by one here because I want you to know how thankful I am for all of you.


  1. I adore that color green! We have been scouting out paint samples for that same shade so I can have a green kitchen too. Ours has a ton of natural light but the yellow walls with white cabinets is just too much for me. Thanks for sharing this - I have officially been moved to paint!

  2. Thank you Kristi! I LOVE this color. And I am sorry I motivated you to paint! ;)

  3. Wow, it looks great Kari! Very crisp and fresh - perfect for a kitchen. I'll think you'll be happy you only painted an accent wall. Over a couple years the green would feel like too much. That's just my opinion. ; )

    I wish I had white cabinets. Our are the original wood grain cabinets with an orangey look to them. YUCK!

    ~ Catie

  4. WOW!! It looks amazing! What a difference one wall can truly make!!! WAY TO GO!!!!
    -Holly :)

  5. LOVE the bold green and neutral pewter! The kitchen looks amazing and very welcoming. Your message on your fall "to don't" list is fabulous!

    I hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving!!

  6. The green is a fabulous choice!!!
    Bright & cheerful & fun~!

  7. What a lovely space and that color totally makes it POP!
    Awesome job!
    Would love if you came by to link this up at my party happening now!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  8. I love the new color! It looks great in your kitchen!

  9. You did an incredible job with the color choice, Kari. To be honest I love them both, and your kitchen looks amazing;-) very inspiring!


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