Christmas Mantel 2012- Or How I Made Something By Doing Absolutely Nothing

This is probably the least I have ever had to do for a blog post.
No trip to the store for extra paint.
No money spent within the past year for this particular project.
Heck, I didn't even break a sweat creating it.
Not that I have a sweating problem.
Because I don't.

Anyhoo, our mantel is the centerpiece of our family room.
OK that's a lie.
The TV is.
And YOU are lying if you are tsk tsking me right now.
Because in most homes, the couch in the family room is facing the TV.
Not the mantel.
Not the window.
But the TV.
Go and check.
I will wait.

Anysauce, the mantel IS a big part of our family room and I feel the need to deck it out with some sort of decor with each season.
But lately, I just haven't been in a decorating mood.
Painting, yes, but decorating, no.
And I was looking for something simple this holiday season for our mantel.
Something true to us.
Not over the top.
AND not fashioned specifically for the blog.
Meaning, would I create this mantel if I didn't have a blog?
Yes, I would.

I used real greenery instead of my Target pre-lit fake pine strand I have been using for years and I love this so much more.
The smell is amazing and it looks so much better than the fake pine.
And it only cost me $4.99 to do this whole mantel.
The greenery I used was from the grocery store in the floral department.
The little ball ornaments on the end are from Dollar Tree last Christmas season.

This is not real candlelight either.
I got the larger candle at Kmart three years ago as part of a set of four flame less candles after Christmas on sale for around 10 bucks.
The mercury glass votive holders were from Pottery Barn, last year, for around $3.50 each. 
The "joy" ornament?
Dollar Tree last year.

The church is an ornament from WalMart last Christmas.
$1.97 each.
I just took off the little hanger and made it a decoration instead of an ornament. 

I see the stocking turned around.
Life isn't perfect and neither are my stockings.
That and I was too lazy to go back and re-create the picture with all the stockings turned perfectly in the right direction.
But then that wouldn't make me a real blogger, would it?

The snowflake stockings were a hand me down from my mama.
I think she got them at Target years ago.
The plaid stockings were from Kohl's a few years ago and I just added iron on letters to personalize it.

The PRAY sign I got at Hobby Lobby years ago and I know they still have them on the shelves today.
I love that sign.
Because sometimes we need a reminder.

So this year, the only thing I needed to buy to create our mantel was the greenery.
And this only took me 10 minutes to create.
So I could spend more time on the important things.
Like making Rolo cookies.
Oh yes, and spending time with my family.
I meant to say that first.
I did.

Merry Christmas!


  1. Hi, Kari

    I love your mantle. The wreath is beautiful and the pine tree clippings always great to use. Lovely!


  2. Hi, Kari

    I love your mantle. The wreath is beautiful and the pine tree clippings always great to use. Lovely!


  3. Beautiful mantle! I'm jealous as we don't have one around our fireplace. :-(

  4. Pretty, pretty! And I like the fact that you didn't turn the stocking around and go back and take another photo. Really and truly, who wants to live with perfection??


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