Be My Valentine on The Cheap

I am sick.
Like the bottoms of my feet ache, sick.
I have had a perpetual cold via my five-year old for the past month but it took a turn for the worse last night.
I won’t go into details because I am so tired of hearing from Facebook, Twitter, and blogs how everyone else is sick.
Then suddenly you start to feel sick.
Just reading about the sickness that is invading the Internet.So Valentines is one of those holidays that gets kind of lost.
First off, its dead smack in the middle of hell winter.
Second, it’s never on the same day each year.
And for some reason, Valentines on a Tuesday just isn’t the same as Valentine’s on a Friday or Saturday.
And lastly, some people don’t really think Valentines is a holiday.
That it was made up by some bored Hallmark employees.
Kind of like Sweetest Day.

When I was growing up, Valentines day was always made special for my brother and I by my mom and gramma.
We would come home from school to find our dining room adorned with pink tablecloths and pink plates; hearts hanging from the light fixtures and a special valentines meal.
I still remember how good it made me feel growing up.
I try to do that every year for my girls now, some years are more lean than others but we always have a fancy homemade dinner, fake wine (apple cider in wine glasses) for the girls and flowers.
I am a true believer that a girls first flowers should come from mom and dad.

But when it comes to decorating for Valentines?
I kinda don’t. really. do. it.
Well, I do and I don’t.
I am so exhausted from decorating for the holidays that I just don’t put any oomph into it.
Plus, Easter is early this year.
What am I saying?
I don’t even decorate for that holiday.
The most I do for Valentines is put up our 10-year-old outside garden flag and maybe put up a heart cut out I got at the Dollar Tree.
And that’s on a good year.

Until this year.
While taking down the tree, I noticed some felt heart ornaments I have had for years on my Christmas tree that didn’t really look Christmas-y.

Then I found these great ornaments 80% off at Kohl’s last week:


Then I found these great ornaments 80% off at Kohl's last week:


I love these so much and it would have cost me way more than the four bucks I paid to create this look.
The can of spray paint alone would have been 11 bucks alone.
So I love my little Charlie Brown tree that my mom got me last year at Pottery Barn.
      So much so that I keep it up til March.


So I created a happy Valentines tree!
So I created a happy Valentines tree!


So I created a happy Valentines tree!


Then I added the decor I made last year using Dollar Tree frames (they still have them on their shelves), scrapbook paper, and old tee-shirt decals.

Then I added the decor I made last year using Dollar Tree frames (they still have them on their shelves), scrapbook paper, and old tee-shirt decals.


This whole thing cost me around five bucks to make.
You can go here to see the tutorial.
It’s so easy and cheap.
This whole thing cost me around five bucks to make.
I also put up some decor that I made two years ago:
I also put up some decor that I made two years ago:
See the heart?
I got it at Goodwill back in February of 2011.
The white heart on top of it, I got also at Goodwill.
It’s one of those Jello molds that is usually silver or copper.
It's one of those Jello molds that is usually silver or copper.
I just spray painted it white and glued it on top of the red heart.
Cost me less than five dollars to create.
You can go here to see the original blog post.


For some reason this year I am more inclined to get all Valentine-y.
Maybe it’s because the girls are getting older and they are noticing the decorations.
Or maybe it’s because I am realizing that the more holidays and reasons to celebrate we have during winter, the faster winter will go.
Keep telling yourself that, Kari.

19 thoughts on “Be My Valentine on The Cheap

  1. Mel@Mellywood's Mansion

    It's the opposite here it's the middle of Summer and between crazy heat and our kids start their school year either at the end of Jan or beginning of Feb it's just too hot and too busy to be bothered. Your decor however, is just so pretty, I'm sure the girls will love it.

    Hope your all feeling better soon xo

  2. Angela Santaniello

    I love the little tree! Those ornaments are just so fantastic. I would have scooped those up in a minute. Love your wreath, too. It's such a great idea to layer.

    Found your link at 52 Mantels and I am now following your blog.


  3. Vanessa

    Hi, Kari

    Sorry you are not feeling well. I pray this pass quick and you get to feeling better. I miss tweeting with you. Love your Valentine's Day decor. I have been busy creating some decor for Valentine's Day myself too. Get better and tweet me maybe. LOL, get it, the song -"here's my number call me maybe". I know corny. : )


  4. Colleen - Mommy Always Wins

    I'm with ya – I enjoy these kinds of holidays just because I make them special for my kids. Last year I stopped at Walgreens and got them a few heart themed items (candies, a few chocolates, a pencil & a plastic cup) but the item they liked best were the two coupons I found online (probably on Pinterest)! One was for delaying bedtime by 15 minutes (which they sometimes are able to do anyway) and the other for getting out of a chore. We saw decorations in a store the other day and they both asked, "Mom, are we getting coupons again this year?" <3

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