The Picnic Table That Will Never Be Used

I just got back from Blogher this weekend.
And slept the entire day yesterday intermittently.
I missed most of Sunday.
Because I got only 9 hours of sleep over the course of three nights.
Blogger’s really know how to party.
I will be writing all about it this week.
I hope.
I still have to do piles of laundry.
Get the glitter out of my hair and my underwear.
I can’t walk.
Because I “broke it down” on the dance floor on the last night.
And possibly broke a joint in the process.
Can joints even break?
Because I am pretty sure mine did.
In May we bought a picnic table for our patio.
Because there wasn’t any table on our patio for almost two years.
This is why: our backyard sits on the equator with a view of the Sun.
So we sit in our front yard/driveway most of summer so all the neighborhood kids can play.
And also so we don’t get sunburn.
At 7 pm.So for two years after our other outdoor eating table died, we put nothing out there.
Until this May when I finally said, WE NEED TO EAT OUTSIDE AND SITTING IN LAWN CHAIRS IN THE DRIVEWAY EATING DINNER IS EMBARRASSING.We went to Home Depot, got a disassembled one and my hubs along with one of our neighbors put it together one evening.
In May.
It is now July.
We have eaten out there four times this summer.
In our defense, there were these little red bugs ALL OVER the unfinished picnic table.
So our 13-year-old wouldn’t go within 25 feet to eat here.
In fact, one of the four times we dined al fresco on our patio, she actually sat inside at the kitchen table.
And we talked through the screen the entire dinner.
Then there has been the rain.
And the sub-zero temps in July.
And the locusts….

So I planned to paint our table.
Then I realized how much work and upkeep was a part of painting an outdoor piece of furniture.
And we know how my painting projects end up.
So I decided to stain the table.

Here is the before:


I went to Lowe’s and asked the helpful paint guy what exactly I should use to stain the table.
He asked if I wanted to see the wood grain through the stain and I did, so he suggested we get a Toner type stain.
Here is the after:



So much better and this is just one coat.
Why one coat, you ask?



It hasn’t been nice enough consecutive days to do a second coat.
Because for most of summer, it has looked like this:
So I made an executive decision.
I am not wasting nice days to stain this bad boy.
We will eat out here and enjoy every minute.
And add the second coat in the fall.

But I kind of like it this color.
I am afraid another coat will make it too dark?
I am a stain newbie so not sure if that is true or not.



By the way, staining/ painting a picnic table is haaaard.
So many angles and little crevices.
And my back was killing me afterward.


I haven’t seen any of those little red bugs either.
Or they just blend in with the table.


I promise this is the last in the “our summer weather hasn’t been so much fun series”.
I will be back later this week with my re-cap of my first blogging conference.
And if you know me, it will be full of embarrassing moments.


10 thoughts on “The Picnic Table That Will Never Be Used

  1. Denise Davis

    It will get darker if you add a second coat. But typically you only add another coat to make it darker, so you are fine with one. I love how truly intriqued you had me with six pictures of a picnic table. You, my dear, are an artist!

  2. Heather Novak

    I was JUST looking at my unused picnic table last night, thinking it might be warm enough to sit there but then…forgot. THANK YOU for this marvelous bit of chatter. CHARMED.

  3. Kim M

    I have the same thirteen year old! Love the table just the way it is…and I am a sucker for red! I hope the sun comes out for you…and you lose the locusts! 😉

  4. Michelle Lunt

    Hi Kari, I'm looking forward to hearing about your conference. Glad you got your table stained. It looks great!

    Warmly, Michelle
    Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust