A Grace Full Life: Christmas Is...


Christmas Is...

This post was originally published at Chicago Parent where I am a regular contributor. 

Christmas means many things to many people.
Here is what Christmas Is to our family.

Christmas Is.....

- a day to celebrate new birth.

- hoping for snow but never usually getting it.

- singing Silent Night by candlelight at midnight in German.

- stocking stuffer shopping with my mama at Walgreen's Christmas Eve morning.

- making messes in the kitchen with the kids.

- missing loved ones who have passed on.

- listening to Christmas music while licking the envelopes of cards.

- oranges, peppermint and clove.

- eating spaghetti and meatballs on Christmas Eve.

- having an excuse to have cookies in the kitchen at any given time.

- opening and listening to the Ashland University Christmas card with tears in my eyes.. ...2004 is my personal favorite.

- the only time of year I use Karo syrup.

- taking a winter walk on Christmas Eve.

- the clinking of bells from the Salvation Army helpers.

- wrapping presents while the kids are sleeping.

- footie pajamas and morning eyes.

- parties with people you rarely get to see, drinking drinks that make you happy.

- Emmet Otter's Jug Band Christmas. Google it. Then watch it.

- Sitting in the glow of the tree lights and talking.

- shopping with daddy to buy mommy and the grandparents things like earrings, perfume and talking reindeers.

- watching movies every night of the week and maybe staying up a little late on a school night.

These things and more are what Christmas means to our family.
As we celebrate this blessed season, know that I am thankful for you!
Merry Christmas!


  1. Oh, Emmet Otter! That really takes me back to when my boys were little.
    Oranges, peppermint and cloves...the perfect smells of Christmas!

    1. Emmett Otter is what is right about the Muppets!
      Happy holidays!


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