A Grace Full Life: GE Reveal Is Gonna Make My Family Room SHINE and Make Me Look Thinner Too. No??


GE Reveal Is Gonna Make My Family Room SHINE and Make Me Look Thinner Too. No??

When GE recently contacted me to see if I would be interested in learning more about their Reveal light bulbs, I was all in.
Because as you all know, I suffer from a thing called Winter Blues.
Or Winter Sucksticks.
Or Bite Me Winter-itis.
Anyway you want to spin it, I hate the months of January, February and most of March.
Mostly because it is dark at 4:30.
And lamps save my life for those three months of the year.
So any bulb that can possibly change my life as it pertains to lighting and blues removal is high on my priority list.

GE reveal<sup>®</sup> LED vs Soft White Light Bulbs

 I am going to be a part of a neat room makeover where I get to do a before and after room reveal with Reveal light bulbs.
And we all know how I love me a room makeover.
Now if the new light bulbs make me look 10 pounds thinner, I will kiss the manufacturer on the lips.
 You can head over here to check out a video about how Reveal bulbs will change your life.
And you can get yourself some GE Reveal light bulbs with this printable coupon to use at Target.
But hurry because the link to the coupon expires tomorrow night.
The coupon itself is good for 45 days after!

I was given product to review by GE.
I was not however paid to endorse this product and all ideas expressed are my own.


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