James Dyson Foundation = We Will No Longer Lose at Math

Back in December, my bestie Marianne and I got the chance to visit Dyson's Chicago offices.

That my friends is a cool mini car.
That is cropped.
Because my thighs look huge.
Or are huge.

Anyhoo, these offices.
First off, just getting invited here was an honor.
And I owe it all to Marianne.
See, Marianne is a full fledged columnist at Chicago Parent.
I am the equivalent of an intern over there.
So she has pull.
People know her off the street.
They say, " you look familiar. Didn't I go to high school with you??"
Um no.
"No wait! Weren't you my server at Applebee's last Friday night!! Yes! That's it!!"
I don't get recognized.
But Marianne does.
So when she asked me to tag along to the city to visit the nice people at Dyson (Hi Cassandra and Zach!), I was all in.

They had me at exposed brick.
Isn't this the coolest office environment?

What do you get when you have two mommy's who hit traffic on the way into the city?
Bathroom stop.
Like stat.
Check out the key that we got for the Dyson bathroom:

I cant make this stuff up, people.
We were so giddy we were all, "ooooh take my picture with the vacuum attachment key chain!!".
"Yes then you take one with my camera!!"
"OOOh wait, I gotta go!!"
"Me toooooo"
"Who is holding the key?"
"Well we cant just leave it here, that wouldn't make a good impression with the Dyson people."
"Oh OK I will hold it."

That's the quality you get here at A Grace Full Life.
Bathroom talk.

 ^^^^^We did utter those words^^^^^

Dyson is an amazing company and James Dyson is one cool cat.
A visionary if you will.
Here are the offices in England:

So James Dyson created a foundation named, aptly enough, The James Dyson Foundation.
Dyson felt a lack of teaching in the engineering area in elementary schools everywhere.
Engineers are very important so getting kids excited about engineering early is key.
Could I say engineering one.more.time?
Engineering engineering engineering. 
His foundation has created kits that schools can use to help facilitate teaching math and science but in a cool way to keep students from grades 2-6 engaged.
They actually have programs for older kids as well!

While Zach was describing this amazing concept to Marianne and I, it felt like we were interrupting him.
A lot.
Because we were really kind of stoked about this whole idea.

 He is such a sweetie.
Here is how this concept works:
They send your school a kit full of cool things to let kids think outside of the box.
And it costs nothing for your child to be a part of this!

Here is an excerpt from the James Dyson Foundation website:

By the time today’s students graduate college, the US will need 1.65 million engineers. To create the engineers of tomorrow, math and science class needs to be exciting. But teaching engaging science lessons can be overwhelming for busy teachers.
The James Dyson Foundation developed the Ideas Box to challenge students to find inspiration in everyday objects and develop ideas. To identify problems and use their creativity to find solutions. The Box helps teachers nurture the skills needed for the next generation of engineers.

Do you want this for YOUR child's school?
Head over to this page on the website to see if you can get this amazing opportunity for your children!
Teachers out there, you can also talk to your administrators to see if this would be a great fit for your school!
Head here to a printable resource sheet to take in when you discuss this with your principal.
I am using this when I talk to my daughter's elementary school!

Thanks again to Zach and Cassandra for sharing your love for all things Dyson with us!
And thanks to Marianne for making this possible!
And for being classy.
And dainty.


  1. You know I love my Dyson(s). They suck. In the best possible way.

  2. Wait. I thought you invited ME? Sh*t. Did we just crash the Dyson offices by accident? Oh well, that bathroom key pic was so worth it.

    1. Sooo worth it.
      If we get invited back, I am takin' a picture of the stall this time.
      Thank youuuuuu for inviting me!!!

  3. Now I kind of want to get rich so I can create a "Joules Dellinger Foundation" that rewards kids with stuff like glitter and marshmallows for being their silly selves. And I totally would have taken a picture with the bathroom key too...

    1. I know you would, this is why I wish you lived closer.
      The trouble we would get into......
      And when you create your foundation, I will totally take a picture of your bathrooms.

  4. Thanks so much for sharing the link to the Foundation's site - that's just the type of thing my kids LOVE. Glad to hear Dyson was a great place to tour! :)

  5. This is so very cool! I knew Dyson had great products but had no idea they had such a great program. My sweet hubby is an engineer and I can't wait to share your article with him. Thinking outside the box is so darn important for these kiddos and yet they are so boxed in!

    I am going to check the site out for my kid's school RIGHT NOW! :D


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