Valentine Bookmarks. That Home Depot Doesn’t Want You to Know About

Last year I made homemade Valentines.
I didn’t buy them at the Dollar Tree.
Or Wal-Mart.
I made them.
From scratch.

Why do I whisper?

Because I don’t want you to think I am trying to be “that” mom.
You know who “that” mom is.

I didn’t do it to upstage the other moms.
I didn’t do it to prove that we are über creative.
I definitely didn’t do it to score points with the teacher.

I did it because I wanted to create something fun that Ellie would remember.
But I am sure she doesn’t remember what the heck she passed out at Valentines last year.
She remembers getting candy.
That is all.
Oh and the Bubble Guppies store-bought Valentines were a hit too.

So this year I swore I would not create another handmade Valentine like last year.
Because really, she could care less.

Until I was on Pinterest and found this cute pin!
Paint chip Valentine book marks!
Pinned by a friend who I also blog stalk.

I messaged her on Facebook about where she found this idea because the pin led to nothing.
She wasn’t sure so I googled it and the first blog to come up, I am crediting.

I have no idea who came up with this idea but it is genius really.
Because I am sick of candy coming home from school and since there is a serious peanut allergy in my six-year old’s classroom, I am saving that mom the stress of worrying about all of it by sending in these.

Paint chip Valentines

Okay, let me say something first.
I usually have a problem with a craft like this one.
Because of the stealing paint chips scenario.
Even though it isn’t technically “stealing” because they are free, taking eight paint chips (I cut them in half to create 16 bookmarks) for a project that has nothing to do with painting of any kind, really bothered me.
In fact, after I took them, I noticed the paint department lady eyeing me suspiciously.
So I walked to the back of the aisle and took the back way out so I wouldn’t have to make eye contact.
I actually bought a package of unneeded light bulbs because I felt so guilty.
No I didn’t.
I just made that up.


I have given Home Depot lots of free publicity over the past three and a half years.

Here is what you will need:

Paint chips


Illegal paint chips.
heart ribbon

Thin ribbon.


a heart hole punch

Heart hole punch.
These are found in the scrapbook section of your craft store.
This baby was only $1.99 after the 50% off sale that was going on at my local store.


Our paint chips ready to be turned into Valentines!

I cut my crooked chips in half because they were pretty thick.
So that I wouldn’t have to take more than I needed.
Because of previously mentioned guilt.

Our kitchen table

The “crop” function in photo editing is key to amazing blogging pictures.
By the way, as I was doing this project for my six-year-old, said six year old was painting next to me.
Caring LESS about this Valentine project.

I apparently have some oppressed Valentine love going on that can only be cured by a couch, a therapist with a pipe and shady paint chip Valentine crafts.


Paint Chip Valentine assembly

Punch those holes willy nilly into your felonious paint chip.
Just make sure you have one at the top right of the outlawed paint chip.


Creating our paint chip Valentines

Because you want to thread your thin ribbon into it.
To create a bookmark.
There is a reason behind why I wanted to do this: they are learning to read now in kindergarten and I wanted to give something that they might hold onto.
Yes, I know they aren’t reading War and Peace yet.
That’s next year if Common Core has its way….sorry, educational humor.
Anyhoo, I thought this tied in kinda cool with the reading thing.



Pink Paint Chip Valentine

But aren’t they so pretty??
Not at all like an outlaw.
Poor illegitimate book mark.
There there little book mark.


How to create a cute Valentine on a budget

Cost to make: three bucks.

Cost to my soul: priceless


Paint Chip Valentines


30 thoughts on “Valentine Bookmarks. That Home Depot Doesn’t Want You to Know About

  1. RALee

    I know what you mean. I feel guilty taking more than 2 even for it's intended purpose. I feel like if I take more than that the paint person will think I'm using them for something else! Damn Home Depot! These are stinking cute so who cares!

    1. Kari at A Grace Full Life

      Right??? RIGHT. POWER TO THE PEOPLE. Now go forth and steal those Paint Chips!

      * I am not responsible for any and all paint chip shortages going forth. *

  2. Melanie

    Cute! Too bad I don't have any little kids to make these with! I guess I COULD make one for myself. But I'd rather have the cookies and booze that you're sending me. Great job on WW! I was on it years ago and lost quite a bit of weight. (Yes, I used to be even fatter, lol.)

  3. Pam Kessler

    Did you steal the hole punch too? Just kidding! My husband hates when I head to the paint section at Home Depot. I'm not even making Valentines with them, I actually am using them for their intended purpose, but I have a zillion similar chips at home already! Those are really cute though. I'm sure she'll look back on this project fondly in 20 years.

  4. Rustown Mom

    Cuuuute! I wanna go pinch some paint chips and make these – and I give a lot of my business to HD, so they can just allow this. Besides, it gets people into their store…I have no guilt. And good job on losing seven pounds. I think I found those for you…

  5. Sandra

    (Tried to comment on my phone but it just wouldn't have me!) Gawsh, these are awesome! I might be headed to Home Depot for some illegal paint chips myself! 🙂 Way to go on the WW, Kari! I'm rootin' for ya!


    Kari, I know what you mean. I would probably feel guilty too, but when I think of the times I’ve taken a dozen out to check paint colors & then thrown them away later, there’s very little difference. The bookmarks are so cute and clever. I’ve seen other things done with paint chips, but can’t remember what at the moment.

    1. Kari Post author

      This is true! I never thought about it that way. So at least they were put to good use.
      I still have that paint chip bookmark in my nightstand. I will have it forever.

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