Flat Kari's Adventures: Coffee, Kitties and Cash. Johnny Cash.

Side note: tomorrow is my four year blogging anniversary!
Confetti toss. Horn blow. 
Four years is just eh.
NEXT year I am giving away something.
Maybe even something worth entering a contest for!
Like a years worth of tacos! 
Here is my first post.
I am sorry.
Oh yeah?
Here is my second post.
I am sorry. 
By the way, I have written 443 posts in four years.
That's a lot of grammatical errors. 

Flat Kari is quite the busy bee.
Her social calendar is busier the past three weeks than mine has been.
First stop was the OC with my friend Melissa.
The next stop on my World Domination Tour is up the road a bit in California to stay with my friend Heather.
I met Heather back in 2012 on Twitter because that's where bloggers go to meet.
Twitter is kind of like the nightclub for blogging.
Only there are no disco balls or platform shoes.

There should be.

I instantly loved Heather because of her wit, sarcasm and just plain awesomeness.

When I found out she was a former Chicagoan, we bonded over our shared knowledge of Chicagoisms and landmark name changes (WILLIS TOWER? WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?). 

Here is Heather's account of my stay with her:

Flat Kari came to visit me right after moving, so I was ready for a break in the work to show her around town! We live in Ventura County, which is nestled along the coast of California just between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara. There is a lot of culture, history, and beach here. The first night Flat Kari was in town, I went to my knitting group and brought her with. 

Not everyone there knits, so at the sight of Flat Kari everyone jumped on board to make her some "welcome gifts." They knitted her a scarf (despite our unseasonable warmth) and even made her a two-sided headdress out of beads and jewelry chain. 

I look so hip. So unlike the real me. That lady agrees with me.

Over the following days, Flat Kari got to see the sights. I took her to the San Buenaventura Mission, which was founded by Father Serra in 1782. It still holds mass daily, as well as a weekend mass; and has a museum and beautiful grounds that people can walk around on. 

Shh. I am praying. Because I need it.

 I took her up to The Cross, which is another historic landmark in Ventura County the sits on the hill right behind the San Buenaventura City Hall. You can see the entire coastline of the area, as well as the valleys and all the way over to the mountains near Fillmore on clear days. 

Weee! Lets suck face!!!

At night, local teens use it as a make out spot, so we left before it got dark. While she was in town, I got the email from one of the wineries we belong to that our quarterly shipment of wine was ready for pick up. 

Wee! Lets get drunk!

Ventura County is really starting to jump on the California wines train, in fact we have dozens of wineries now with more opening. On the way there, we passed by Casitas Springs, which claims itself as the home of Johnny Cash. 
And it burns burns burnnnnnnss the ring of fire. The ring of fiiiiiire.

Unfortunately, on the winery I wasn't able to photograph Flat Kari amidst the vineyards as they were covered due to recent rains. Lastly, no trip to coastal California would have been complete without a trip to the beach. Flat Kari got her feet near the water and the sand in her shorts before being whisked off to return home to Chicago. 

Why do I look like I am doubting the beach? Maybe I am afraid my metal headpiece will give me bad sun tan lines.

Here are also some links:

San Buenaventura Mission

Serra Cross Park

Old Creek Ranch 

 I also got to drink a cup of Joe!
I have always wanted to say that!
I don't drink coffee so I am glad my cardboard counterpart did. 

Mmmmm cooffeeee

 I look so happy!
Maybe I need to start drinking coffee.

Mmmm palm trees

I love palm trees.
I really honestly think God wants me to live somewhere where palm trees also live.
That is because Winter doesn't exist where palm trees live.

Aww kitty!
I am terribly allergic to cats.
But Flat Kari seems to like cats!

Mmm kitties

Thank you Heather for hosting me for the week!
Flat Kari is already on her way to her fourth adventure!
Up next, my sister in law Kristy takes me out on a business trip to Arizona.
But I truly think the bulk of the post is going to be about my madcap adventures in the airport.
Let's just say an X-Ray machine may or may not be involved.


  1. Twitter is kind of like the night club for blogging.

    And this has changed my life. <3

  2. That metal headpiece is something. I wonder if it was heavy for her.

  3. Hey now! Wine and coffee make your glasses (and third hand) disappear!

  4. I love the adventures of Flat Kari...if I made a Flat Laila would you be okay with that? Pretty please.

  5. I like the new design up top! In learning that you don't drink coffee, and can't be around cats I've come to realize that we're exact opposites. This might be why I love your blog so much. It's a glimpse into the unknown.

    1. You are the first person to comment on it, thank you!!
      Yet, I think we would be really good friends.

  6. Happy 4 year anniversary/birthday! Yay! I am so glad you walked into that shady, smoke-filled room called Twitter!

  7. Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa WHOA.
    You don't drink coffee?

    1. You are wondering why I am so perky.
      Aren't you?
      Its a gift.

  8. Flat Kari is a superstar.
    Also, I want to see you on coffee. Badly. Oh God, I sound like a pusher.

    1. I think I need to be on coffee.
      Coffee will make it all better.

  9. I love Flat Kari. She always seems to be so thoughtful about the places she visits. And the headdress is lovely.

    1. I like her too.
      I am secretly jealous of her.


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