Since this blog was born in 2010, there are many cool things I am proud of.

Here are my most favorite endeavors as a writer/ blogger besides getting to talk to you amazing people every week.




Courtesy of Brandi Lee

  • I auditioned and got cast in the 2014 Listen to Your Mother show, one of THE coolest things I have had the pleasure of participating in. Head over to read all about it here: 2014 Cast Member Listen to Your Mother   You can see my reading HERE


  • I have been writing for a Chicago area website called Little Lake County for several years. You can read about everything from where to get drunk in the burbs with your kids in tow to things like pumpkin farms that won’t annoy the crap out of you.



I am really excited that my writing is being featured in other outlets as well.


  • In December of 2014, one of my essay’s, That Beach, was picked up by Mamalode. You can read the piece here.


  • My piece, To My Daughter: I Was 14 Once, Too was syndicated on the website Scary Mommy in May 2015. You can read this piece here.


  • In September of 2015, I was featured on this website as one of the 50 Most Delicious Food Blogs in Chicago. On a side note: I am not really a food blogger but I was still pretty stoked. Then I saw that I was on the same list as Steve YOU SO NERDY YOU COOL Dolinsky (the food critic at Channel 7) and I was all AWW SNAP, I HAVE ARRIVED. But seriously, I am not a food blogger. 


  • For the past three years, I have been writing on behalf of Netflix as a part of their Stream Team. I personally love this partnership because it combines my love of Netflix and blogging. Head here to read my Stream Team posts.