Who I Am

My name is Kari.
I write in short sentences like this.
My high school English teacher is probably rolling her eyes right now.
But it's all good.
You know why?

LoOk aT mE WrItInG aLl CrAzY lIkE!!
Because I can!!
That is the beauty of having a blog!

 I live in the Chicago area with my husband and two crazy but amazing daughters, both with the middle names GRACE.
And the blog title was born.
A Grace FULL Life.
Get it?

photo courtesy of Brandi Lee

I have been writing here since June of 2010 and haven't looked back.
I started out with three readers.
Hi Mom!
I have met so many amazing, crazy and fun friends through blogging I just know I will never want to stop.

You can contact me in many ways:

I love mail!
But not if you want me to wire you $100,000.
Facebook, Twitter Google Plus are my favorite social media hangouts.
Or leave a comment here on the blog.

I mainly write here but I have been known to freelance other places including my previous two year stint at Chicago Parent.
You can see where else I have been featured by going here.

I also have a fascination with John Hughes that goes beyond what is considered normal.
See for yourself :

Are you a first time visitor?
Welcome to the madness.
I am so glad you are here.
Here are a few posts to get you started:

My personal favorites

And here are some reader favorites

Thank you for stopping by, it is so good to finally meet you!

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