Who I Am

Welcome to my little blog!

Look at me being all whimsical!

My name is Kari.
I write in short sentences like this.
My high school English teacher is probably rolling her eyes right now.
But its all good.
You know why?

LoOk aT mE WrItInG aLl CrAzY lIkE!!
Because I can!!
That is the beauty of having a blog!

Crooked teeth are my only link to reality.

 I live in the Chicago area with my hubs and two crazy but amazing daughters, both with the middle names GRACE.
And the blog title was born.
A Grace FULL Life.
Get it?
I focus mainly on DIY and budget friendly home d├ęcor.
But I also love to cook, work in the yard (I have a purple thumb; that means not good, by the way) and have fun with my family and friends.

I have been writing here since June of 2010 and haven't looked back.
I started out with three readers.
Hi Mom!
I have met so many amazing, crazy and fun friends through blogging that I know I will never want to stop.

You can contact me in many ways:
Facebook, Twitter, Email, Google Plus or just leave a comment here on the blog.
My social media buttons are at the top right of the blog, so just click and you are there.

Thank you for stopping by!
It is so good to meet you!


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