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My First Post

In talking with my friends and family and with the encouragement of my awesome husband, I am starting this blog. What is it about? Well, I am what you would call a little hyper-organized. Seriously. I LOVE to clean, organize, decorate, etc. and have since I was little. I literally have fond memories as a child of cleaning, the smell of lemon Pledge and the feeling after organizing the childhood bedroom that lingers with me today. Cleaning helps me relax and feel organized and I am no longer ashamed to admit to that, OK a little ashamed. So I thought to myself, why not go forth and help others who we might call “organizationally challenged” and spread my “talent”. So here I am! For years I have wanted to start my own business but was afraid to take a dip in the business wading pool. I turned 40 this spring and decided that now is the time to take control of my future and so I have a toe in that pool and the water isn’t too bad. Wish me luck!

I love to write about my family, John Hughes, tacos and Bruce Hornsby. Not necessarily in that order.

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