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Williams Sonoma Inspired Dollar Tree Hurricane Vases

So one of my “things” that I like to do is to find items in catalogs or really expensive stores and make something similar using only inexpensive materials.
My first transformation was an idea I got from another blogger, Melissa at 320 Sycamore, eons ago.
She saw a picture in a Williams Sonoma catalog of a cool glass hurricane but the cost of the hurricane alone was $68.Yes, that is American dollars. 

So anyway, she showed her readers how to make a similar looking fall display with only supplies from Dollar Tree.
Not Dollar General, DOLLAR TREE because there is a BIG difference between these two stores.

Dollar Tree = every single item is $1.00.  
Dollar General = one or two items in each aisle may quite possibly be a dollar but most of the stuff is between $2.50-$5.00.

I decided to follow her idea and here is what I came up with:

thanksgiving, fall, dollar tree, craft

All you need are the following:

thanksgiving, fall, williams sonoma. dollar tree

All available right now at your local Dollar Tree.

Glue the candlesticks to the base of each vase using a strong epoxy type glue and a toothpick to put the glue around the rim of the candlesticks.
Then center the vase onto the candlestick and let it dry to hold.

You might want to do this in the garage and leave it overnight to dry as the smell was a little too harsh for indoors.


Now it doesn’t look exactly like the Williams Sonoma vase but for $6.00 it looks pretty great.

thanksgiving, fall, dollar tree, craft

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