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Goodwill Craft- One Cool Way to Tell What’s For Supper

I love frames. I especially love if I can re-purpose a frame to make a fun little accent piece in a very unexpected way.I was blog perusing one day a couple of months ago and I saw a cute idea for a menu plate for a kitchen that was made out of an old metal plate and some chalk board paint.

The problem?

I don’t remember which blog.

If I remember correctly, I even commented to the blogger about how cute this was. Still can’t remember the name of the blog.

So I was in Goodwill the other day and I saw this cute frame:

 I love the detail on this.
So I took the glass out of it and spray painted it with chalkboard paint.

When spray painting with chalkboard paint, you really need about 3-4 coats before it works with the chalk.


Add some chalk and you have a mini menu board.



I wish I had prettier handwriting.
Next time I will let my 6th grader write the menu.



Yes, this is much better.

Cost breakdown time:

-Frame– 99 cents at Goodwill.

-Chalkboard Paint– (already had but it will cost you five bucks at Home Depot or Lowes)

-Chalk– (again, already had but will cost you a dollar at Dollar Tree)

Total cost for me– 99 cents!!


Total cost if you had none of these items– $ 6.99!!


I love to write about my family, John Hughes, tacos and Bruce Hornsby. Not necessarily in that order.


  • Anonymous

    I love, love, cookies! Great Job with the Menu Board- and yes, you do love your frames!


    Your Supportive Hubby

  • Daisy Mae Designs

    I wrote a comment this morning, but errored out, so hopefully you aren't getting this twice …

    Funny you shared the story about the flowers! We had a few flowers in a vase last week and on Monday, we were down to one lonely hydrangea, which looked silly in the bigger vase. I looked on my kitchen windowsill and saw my grandma's blue mason jar, which I just love, and thought it would be a pretty vase and BAM! So cute!

  • Kari at A Grace Full Life

    @ Amanda-

    That banner is thanks to your blog post about doing it yourself, so I should thank you. And for introducing me to Picasa which I love so much now. 🙂

    @ Kristy-

    I know, mason jars make it look like summer. 🙂

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