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Using Finger Paint to Change Up a Mirror

So the title is a little misleading because I didn’t use actual finger paint. I used my finger and paint to create the look.

But it will still cost less than finger paint.

Remember my letter wall that became a non-letter wall with just a mirror on it that I talked about here?


Letter wall before
Mirror before
Well as you probably now know, I have trouble leaving well enough alone.
I am a decorating instigator if you will. I move things around or tweak areas of my home constantly.

The only part of my home that is safe is the basement because who in the hell wants to go down t there anyway?

I liked this mirror but it didn’t pop. It was this puke color before then I painted it, Antique White, to brighten it up but I still didn’t like it.
It has these great textures all over the mirror that I wanted to highlight so why not get some black acrylic paint and do what I do best:

So I got out my black acrylic paint and a paper plate.


Put a little paint on the plate and then take your finger and dip it into the paint.
Trust me, it comes off with soap and water.
Then I turned something that looked like this before:
Into something that looks like this after:


See how it brings out the texture so much more?

    All it needed was a little TLC.

Well, that and some 75 cent acrylic paint.


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