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Workin’ With What Ya Got- A Kiddie Table Everyone Will Wanna Sit At


I have had this little kids table and chair set forever:



My mom and dad got this for Annie at IKEA when she was just a toddler!
IKEA may cost next to nothing but this thing has been played with, drawn on, jumped off of and eaten over for nine+ years and it is still going strong.
I painted it the red color you see here last year, it used to be white and when they purchased it, it was just the natural wood.
But I was getting kind of tired of the red and I didn’t do a very thorough job painting it. I spray painted it but didn’t sand it before doing so ( I know, I know…) so the paint was starting to come off and since the kids use it (well not Annie anymore but Ellie and her friends) I didn’t feel comfortable with that.
So this time I took my time and painted it in steps:
First I spray painted the chairs and the legs of the table Heirloom White. I used three coats then I lacquered them to seal the paint.
Then I sanded the top of the table, as I had a vision for the table top.


…which failed miserably.  Originally, I wanted to make the top of the table look like planks of wood but in typical workin’ with what I got fashion, I ran out of brown spray paint midway through my vision.

But then I had another idea!

I already had the chalkboard paint.


So I painted the top with that.
Then I sanded it on top a little to look rustic/vintage…..this is very important when working with kids stuff because rustic/vintage is code for DAMAGED.
 Which it will indeed become by next week, so who cares right?


I sanded the edges to expose the old red color, which I love.
So then I got out these numbers which I purchased last month. Remember when I got the black ones and created this project with them? Well, I went back the next week and got some more letters in white for five bucks.


I measured out the letters on the edge of the table.
Wow, see how evenly spaced they are??? Just kidding, I ended up having to improvise a little to make the tabletop look a little more balanced.
And here is the finished product.


Here it is with the black number tins I made last month.



Cost for me to make– N O T H I N G!
Cost for you to make-
1- paints– I used Heirloom White by Rustoleum and it usually runs around $3.50- $4.00 a can. The can of chalkboard paint (not spray) was around 9 dollars at Home Depot.
2- numbers– I got these last month at a local big box store for around 5 dollars back in the garage sale sign department (ours is right next to the spray paint area).
3- table and chair setIkea…not sure how much but definitely under 30 bucks and even though it was purchased almost 10 years ago, I know they still carry this same model but look outside the box a little- you can find table and chair sets like these at garage sales, Goodwill even on Craigslist.
Total cost for you– around $18.00 for just materials under $50.00 for everything!


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