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Dollar Tree Craft- Cute Glass Holders Of Schtuff

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I was trying to think of a cool name for my latest Dollar Tree craft and do you think I could think of anything better than Glass Holders Of Schtuff?


Knick knack holders?

Glass candle-like thingamajiggy?

Awesomesauce two buck glass contraption?
Uhh- uhh.


So anyway, you decide what to call them.
I call it cheap and cool and really isn’t that all that matters?

I started out with these fine one dollar each items at my local Dollar Tree:


Two candle holders in this dark color.
Two glass jars in this half size.
They are in the same aisle as all the other crap,  ahem, I mean craft things.


Two packages of gourds and pumpkins.
Add a little of this to the rims of the candle holders and press the glass on top.
Then let them dry.
I usually put a book on top of it to let it set.
You will have this once it has dried:


Yes, I realized after I created this that I forgot to take the tag off the bottom of the glass.
This is one reason why I am not working for Martha Stewart Living.
It’s not the only reason, thank God.


Add in your gourds and pumpkins and you won’t even see the tag.

Cost breakdown:

 Two candle holders from Dollar Tree- $2.00
Two glass jars from Dollar Tree- $2.00
 Two bags o’ fall fun from Dollar Tree- $2.00

Total cost

$6.00 for an Anti-Martha Stewart Glass Holder of Fall Fun Fabulousness.
Yes, that is a much better title.



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