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Goodwill Craft- Creating a Round Mirror

I was on Crackerist…I mean Pinterest a few weeks ago and found this lovely room:


I love the whole room and all but what really drew me in was the mirror over the fireplace.

I loved the shape of it, how it looked almost old-fashioned and thought, hmmm…I wonder if I could make a mirror like that?

Yes, make it.

Because we all know that a mirror like the one above is gonna cost some serious coin.

So I was sitting in my family room one night last week and thought all I would need is something round that I could re-purpose/re-paint and try to find me some of that mercury glass spray paint that I hear is kind of hard to come by.

Then I stopped in a Goodwill near my doctor’s office last week and found this:


A baseball. The sad thing about this baseball is that it is a handmade item as it had the name of the small business owner’s little home-based company on the back. There was also a soccer ball and football on the same shelf so apparently, the previous owners were not big fans. But it was perfectly perfect for what I was looking to use it for, so thank you little business owners.
Then as I was walking towards the register, I saw this on a shelf with all of the plates:
A metallic/mercury glass-ish plate! Actually, there were about five others there and I do regret not picking up a couple more since I could probably create something cool with them.
So I marched up to the registers, paid her for my 99 cent baseball and my $1.99 charger and literally skipped out of the store.
Here is what I did:
I painted the edges of the baseball black and left the middle unpainted as I would be placing the charger on top of this.
I used two-three coats of paint as I was out of black spray paint so I used what I had which was canned paint.
If I had used spray paint, I think it would have taken only two coats.
Then I took spray adhesive and sprayed the back of the plate and the middle of the baseball to stick.
This did not work.
I came home later that day to find the plate on the floor so I used my Liquid Nails glue instead and that worked perfectly.
Here is the finished product:
Doesn’t it look like a mirror?!
For now I have it on the mantel as I am preparing to set up my fall mantel for a link party project at the end of the month.


I am so in love with this project!!

Every time I come into this room, this little mirror project makes me smile and that is a great ingredient for a perfect craft project, isn’t it?

So here is the cost breakdown:
1- wooden baseball– 99 cents at Goodwill. All you need to do is find something round. It could be any material or any size but just has to be round if you want to make this particular project. Goodwill is full of stuff like this on a regular basis, you just have to look “outside the box”. I did not find this in the frame department (which was the first area I flocked to in searching for something round), I found it with the sports equipment!
So always look “outside the box”!
2- mercury glass-ish plate– $ 1.99 at Goodwill. This was a lucky find, I totally admit it. I was actually going to make Home Depot my next stop in search of mercury glass spray paint since that was what I was going to do for the middle but I love how much better this turned out without it and I wasn’t even planning it! You could even go to a party store and look for round plastic plates in that metallic color as they give off the same look as the above!
3- black paint– I already had but will run you anywhere between 99 cents to 4 bucks.
4- glue- do not, I repeat, do not be dumb like me and use spray adhesive. Use the hardcore stuff like liquid nails or gorilla glue. Especially if you will be hanging in from a wall.
Total cost for me$ 2.98!

I love to write about my family, John Hughes, tacos and Bruce Hornsby. Not necessarily in that order.


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