Workin’ With What Ya Got- Fall Mantel 2011

I would like to mention that today would have been my Grandma’s 107th birthday.
She passed away four years ago, right before my daughter Ella (and her namesake) was born.
I miss her so much every day and I think about her all the time.

Happy Birthday Gramma, we miss you so much. 

So it’s that time again…

Cooler weather… games……..leaves falling……….trick or treating……step notices home from school.

I am always excited to decorate for fall for some reason.

Maybe because it is the appetizer to decorating for Christmas and for those who love to decorate their homes, this is like our tax season.

Or our March Madness.

Or our spring break in Cabo.

Maybe nothing like that but when I saw that there will be a link party for all things Fall-ish and Mantel- like.

I think I may have squealed.

And here is the kicker: I didn’t spend more than five dollars on my mantel this year.

So that required another little squeal as well.


The candlesticks were a Salvation Army find last year for under a dollar.
The pumpkins I have had forever (literal translation- over 10 years) and the fall leaves I have had for even longer.


I got the black raven at Dollar Tree last year for one dollar psst- they still have them this year too. The candlestick again from the thrift store last year, the mason jars I have had for years lying around and the pumpkins I got years ago.


There are the glass Dollar Tree holders that I showed you how to make here.


I am trying to think of a name for this kind of style….
fall road side stand?
old farmhouse mantel?
flea market fall finds?


What do you think?


I found these cutouts at Dollar Tree earlier this month:
So I added these to the mantel-scape and here you have it:


 A fall mantel on the cheap!
I love looking at blogs for inspiration and I hope that I can help you to create something fun yet inexpensive too!
Happy Fall!

13 thoughts on “Workin’ With What Ya Got- Fall Mantel 2011

  1. Catie @ Catie's Corner

    Very nice! I love the little touches of blue you have thrown in. I did up my "mantel" a week or soo ago and only spent $2.50 for some mums. I think it looks pretty nice. = )

    ~ Catie

    Stop by and say hi sometime.

  2. Kari at A Grace Full Life

    Catie- Thanks so much! I am poppping over right now to say hi and hopefully get to see that mantel. 🙂

  3. Kari at A Grace Full Life

    Yeah, we are in the middle of a rainy season here in the upper Midwest. Just yuck and cold. I am ready for summer to come back. 🙂

    Thanks so much for reading!!

  4. Fifi

    This looks really great!! I've been getting all my decor out for this weekend!!

    A new follower, looking forward to more of your posts.

  5. pickygirl

    Hello! I'm stunned that you'd say you're at a creative loss– your gorgeous photos say otherwise. BUT- I am with you. Have zero idea of something to enter in a competition. PS, it's fine with me if you enter something you've already done! your site is so fun!

  6. Kari at A Grace Full Life

    @ Fifi- Nice to meet you! Thanks for becoming my newest follower. 🙂

    @ picky- ok, I was going to ask if I could use a previous project since I have hit a dry spell of recent!

    @ kristy- I soo wanna be in Cabo right now….:)

  7. Kari at A Grace Full Life

    @ Linda- thanks for visiting and I will have to pop on over for a visit. 🙂

    @ Tonia- always fun to link up @ "your house". 🙂