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Pinterest Inspired Craft- Say Grace

So I spotted the cutest sign on Pinterest a few weeks ago and of course, I can’t show it to you because HELLO LAWSUITS.

Let’s just say its black with white letters and it says SAY GRACE on it.

I fell in love immediately. I love it for many reasons….reminding us to say grace (because we all forget sometimes, don’t we?), loving anything with the word grace somewhere in it and I especially loved it because I knew I could somehow re-create it. Maybe not as pretty as the one shown above but rather on a budget. So I told myself that I would have to re-create it under five dollars.

Do you think I can do it?

I got these chipboard letters from Hobby Lobby.
They were $4.99 for the package but were on sale for 40% off making them $3.03.
Then I had this old shelf in my basement.
First I sanded the white shelf to help the spray paint I was going to add adhere better.
Then I carefully measured out where I wanted the letters to sit on the shelf because I am very bad at placing things evenly. You should see my home, picture frames all sideways and crooked….sheesh.
Then I took out my good old fashioned glue stick and glued each letter onto the board and put some heavy books on top of them to make sure they were on secure. You will see why this is important in a second.

Then I spray painted the board with the letters glued to it with black spray paint.

Then after three or so coats of black spray paint, I sanded the board down a little here and there to make it look vintage.
I took off the letters carefully as not to leave any of the chipboard on the paint.
 And here is what it looks like now:
Not as pretty and professional as the original but I love it just the same.
See the A in grace?
That is why it is important to make sure you weigh down the letters so they adhere tight.
Some of the spray paint seeped through and it looks more graffiti-like than I would have wanted but am okay with it now.
Cost for me to re-create?
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