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Four Ingredient Recipe- Low Fat McChicken Sandwich Knock Off

I hate to admit it but I love McDonald’s.
But I don’t like the amount of junk most items at McDonald’s have in their yummy foods.
So I am always looking to make fattening things into healthier things.

Here my friends is my take on the chubby McChicken sandwich.
Because as much as McDonald’s would like you to believe so, just because it is made with chicken (or chicken parts) healthy it does not make.


Low Fat McChicken Knock Off

1- 1 Boca Chicken patty ( 1 patty = 160 calories)

2- lettuce  (0 calories)

3- low fat mayo (1 tbsp. = 35 calories)

4- low-fat bun  ( I use Healthy Choice Dieters Dream wheat buns. 1 whole bun = 80 calories)

Cook the Boca patty according to package directions.
I have cooked it both in the microwave and the oven. Oven tastes best but the microwave is much quicker, obviously.
Add the ingredients to the cooked patty and voila.

McDonald’s chicken sandwich is almost 400 calories for the sandwich alone!
Mine is only 275 calories!!!
And this tastes so good, I kid you not.
Add some baked fries for dinner and you have a way under 500 calorie meal, you may even be able to have dessert.


Low Fat McChicken Sandwich Knock Off

Course Sandwich
Cuisine American
Author A Grace Full Life


  • 1- 1 Boca Chicken patty 1 patty = 160 calories
  • 2- lettuce 0 calories
  • 3- low fat mayo 1 tbsp. = 35 calories
  • 4- low fat bun I use Healthy Choice Dieters Dream wheat buns. 1 whole bun = 80 calories


  1. Heat Boca patty to package directions and assemble your sandwich.


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