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Kids Craft- Making Their Artwork the Center of Your World

I have had a kids artwork wall in my home since 2005. That was when my oldest started kindergarten and although I have always displayed her artwork on the fridge, she was coming home from school with some choice artwork that I wanted a special place for, not just in the kitchen. I even framed some of her artwork:


She made this in kindergarten art class. I can’t even do this now.  So you see why I had to frame it, right? It’s pretty and I happen to be in love with the artist.

Well, this piece gave me an idea back in 2005 to create a wall dedicated to her artwork.

I thought about how proud she would be to show her friends and family when they came to her house.

Since giving birth to Ellie, we have added to the wall with her artwork as well. It is honestly my most favorite wall in the entire house.

So here is the project that got the wall started after the initial kindergarten offering seven years ago and it is so easy that you will scratch your head and wonder why you didn’t have your kids do this sooner!

You will need the following:

– art canvases. I get these at Hobby Lobby (in the art section)
– paint brushes (no fancy ones, the kind they get for school is just fine)
– paint (washable is best unless you have a death wish with your furniture)
You will also need the following as well:
Willing and able hands.
Notice Annie’s left pinkie finger?
She sprained it during winter break.
A week before winter soccer starts.
Now put the canvases in front of the willing and able hands and let them do all the work:
 I am so glad I took these pictures of their little hands. I know someday I will look back and be glad I did.
And here is our kids artwork wall:
Thanks to my Picasso’s, we have a beautiful wall filled with love.


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