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Workin’ With What Ya Got- Decking The Halls For Spring

I was going to wait until March 1st to pull out my spring decor but I hate winter and I wanted to look at something other than mud, snow and limp flowers from Valentines Day.

So I pulled out my spring crap and here is what I came up with. I had this burlap laying around from my Christmas tablescape:


I love burlap and it is all the rage right now.
But I feel like I would still love it even if it weren’t all the rage right now.
So I cut it into a long strip.
No even cuts, I wanted it to look uneven and rustic.
You know, like burlap.


The below picture shows me plopping a faux spring plant I got at Target three years ago into my free galvanized bucket.
The plant is sitting on a bed of  “grass”.
It’s fake grass that I got at Goodwill last summer for 50 cents!
The eggs I have had for years, not even sure where I got them.


The tray I have had for over a year.
I got that at Goodwill too.
I first introduced you to this tray in the post here.


There is the burlap on my bucket!
I just tied it around the bucket and trimmed off any long edges.



I then wanted to create something with the tray that held my mercury glass candle holders after the holidays:
It used to be a rusted orange colored number.
Then last summer I spray painted it a teal/turquoise color.
Then painted it white for the holidays.
I swear I do other things in my day to day life than just spray painting shit.
I didn’t want the spring-colored flowers I was going to be putting on here to be washed out by the white tray.
I also didn’t want to go the vibrant color route again with this puppy.
So I painted it black.


 I added these:
Hello, spring!


I love these colors alongside the metal buckets and the black tray.


And after!
I love them so much.
It does make the room a little darker but it is so much more pretty.
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