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Workin’ With What Ya Got- A Personalized Birthday Sign

I have had this cute birthday scrapbook paper sitting in my craft area since last summer:

I’ve been wanting to create something with this for the past nine months.
Then I found this frame one day in a drawer:


And this Dollar Tree frame I have created endless projects with:



Excuse the spray paint under the nails…story of my life.
Now go get some chalk and let’s add the birthday girl’s new age:
And you can use this over and over.

                          Well, for a girl anyway but this would be so easy to make for a boy too.

Since I didn’t have the prop for the back of this frame, I used a metal plate holder.


Happy Birthday!!
Cost breakdown:
large frame– I got this years ago at our Walgreens and think I paid somewhere in the area of 3-4 dollars for it.
smaller frame– Dollar Tree for a buck!
spray paint– this color was Rustoleum Berry Pink and it was free to me because my friend gave me all her spray paint when she was moving across the country. Thanks, Lissma!!
scrapbook paper– 30 cents at Hobby Lobby on sale last summer.
chalkboard paint– again free thanks to Lissma!
Total I spent to create this:

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