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Goodwill Find- My Rolling Kitchen Island. Take THAT Constipation Hardware!

So it is no secret I love cool and trendy finds when it comes to decor.
I love looking through Pottery Barn, Ballard Designs, and Restoration Hardware catalogs.
But it stops at looking because even though I love their decor, I do not love their prices.
I have even given them some nicknames.
For example, I refer to Restoration Hardware as Constipation Hardware as that is what it gives me as I walk each square foot of their stores.
I go in trying to understand why they would charge 50 bucks for a wooden bowl the size of an orange.
I try.
But I just cannot get past it.
While perusing a Restoration Hardware dictionary textbook catalog a few months ago, I noticed a theme.
Industrial, letters, wheels.
In no certain order.
It could be a pillow with letters on the front of it with industrial looking edges. (Read: frayed)
Or maybe a cast iron letter A.
A big fat heavy one with an industrial finish.  ( Read: vintage)
How about a coffee table with wheels made of industrial waste with the letters T R A S H on it.
Just kidding about the last one, it didn’t say TRASH. Duh.

You get the idea.
So imagine my excitement a few weeks ago when I waltzed into my local Goodwill and saw this baby:


Oh my gosh, look at how dirty my Goodwill store is!
No, that’s my garage.
Anyway, see that table amidst all the crap?
That was the item that made me stop, stare, even said out loud, “oh wow, I really like you.”
To which the gentlemen next to me gave me a funny look and hugged the items in his hand a little tighter.
Isn’t it great?
I knew I wanted to make this a part of our home.

Immediately I thought that it would make a perfect kitchen island.

And since I don’t have one of those, it was ideal!
It was $12.99 and I thought I just couldn’t pass it up because for me to spend that much on an old table with wheels that quite possibly had no purpose?
Well, it was huge.
And we all know my problems with any and all things spatial.
I thought, hmm, would it even fit in my kitchen?
Would it be tall enough?
I honestly didn’t care.

I was really afraid someone would swoop this up and I was not willing to take my chances.

First I cleaned her up because she was dusty and cobwebby.
Then I had to figure out what color I wanted her to be.
I really liked the metal leg/industrial feel so I decided to use some of this:
This was some spray paint given to me by my friend before she moved.
So I decided to juice up the industrial gray a little with it.


I gave the legs two or three coats.
I forgot how many because I had two other paint projects going on in this garage.
Then I had to consider the table top.
Although I kind of liked it just the way it was.
It was very rustic, er, damaged. 
But I really like that because I don’t like things to look perfectly perfect anyway.

Which is very clear to see when you look at all of my other projects up close.


So I decided that I was going to leave the top as is but polyurethane it.
I first sanded the top and the edges then I gave it a couple of coats of poly.


I got a little creeped out when while polying the top because a name just suddenly appeared.
It bothered me a little.
Okay, a lot.
It bothered me a lot.
Who is Timmy?
Is he old now?
Is he dead now?
Is he a serial killer?
And for it to just pop up like that out of nowhere??


The kids and my husband loved the color but I wasn’t so sure.
So after looking at it for two days, I made a rash decision.
I decided to spray paint the top Espresso Brown.
And as soon as the paint left my can, I immediately regretted my decision.

There went my cool table top.
There went the funky industrial look.
There went Timmy.

Then my husband and my oldest came around from the backyard to see what I had done and they were none too pleased.
Usually, they could care less about these sorts of things but evidently, they became attached to Timmy over the course of a few days.

Which totally cements my “Timmy is controlling my family from the grave” theory.

So then I quickly wiped off what spray paint I could from the top of the table.
Then I waited for the remnants to dry and sanded the top of the table again.
And here is what it looked like:
Not as cool as before.
 Damn you, Timmy, Damn YOU!!!!!!
I spent the next two days sanding it over and over.
Finally, I gave up and put polyurethane over it yet again.
And here is the result:




And here is what the table top looks like now:


I put three coats of poly on this for easy cleaning.

I will not be cutting food on this island but I will be putting out plates of food on here etc..
I can see birthday cakes sitting on this baby, too.
As well as beverages!
I feel like when we have a party, we never have a good place to put the bottles of pop and the ice.
But now we do!
The beauty of this table?
It can be moved!
The wheels not only are cool to look at but are functional as well.
So if we have a big gathering and need room, I can move it to the corner in the kitchen.
Or I could move it to the dining room if we needed it in there.
The cost to me?
Because I had all the other tools and paints.
Another great Goodwill find.
And I am slowly making friends with Timmy.
* Update- we did use this for an island for a good six months but found our kitchen was just too small. We do bring it up for parties though but sadly Timmy stays in the basement for the most part.
I feel like I can’t quit this table though, which might be because Timmy won’t let us.

I love to write about my family, John Hughes, tacos and Bruce Hornsby. Not necessarily in that order.


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