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My Favorite Dollar Tree Projects

According to the statistics, my Dollar Tree crafts are the most popular posts on my blog.
Which means you love all things cheap and easy.
Which must mean I am in turn cheap and easy.
Don’t let this get out, OKAY?
Wouldn’t want to ruin my reputation…
So, because I am a people pleaser, I thought I would put them in one easy to use place!
See, I am here for you.
It’s the least I could do!

1- Hurricane Vases 

This first Dollar Tree project was one of my earlier blog posts and was a huge hit.


All it takes is a glass vase, a glass candle holder, and a prayer candle.
These are all available for a buck each there as well as any kind of decor you want to add to it.
I added leaves I found at my store for this picture but I have used bubble gum for kids parties, different color beads for different holidays. The possibilities are endless!

$1 Craft Supplies at Dollar Tree!


2- Fuzzy Rocks In A Pot


This might have been a spring-inspired craft, but it could be used in your home year round.
I have seen these types of accent pieces in Pottery Barn for years and they cost a lot more than how much I paid to make them.


All you will need are the cute little terra-cotta pots and green fuzzy rocks.
Less than one dollar per accent since the pots and the rocks come in multi-packs.
3- Glass Pedestals
This next one is my most popular post of all time.
And it took only 30 minutes (which included drying time) and under three bucks to make.
4- Christmas Table Scape
Oh yes, I did!
 And you can too.
I loved this tablescape.
It was natural looking and it was cheap.
Without looking cheap.
5- Mercury Glass Vases
This stuff is HUGE now.
But the price is HUGE too.
So anytime something is trendy AND pricey, you know I am going to try to Dollar Tree or Goodwill-it up.
You can buy the vases here.
6- Valentines Craft
Or any time of year craft, you could tailor this to your favorite holiday.
I think I might make one for fall/Halloween too.
I love this the most because it started as another Dollar Tree project and turned into another.
Two projects for the price of one.
So really, it was free.
7- Birthday Gift Basket
When I want to get a birthday gift for my daughter’s classmates, the first place I head to is Dollar Tree.
Here is what I created for one of my daughter’s makeup and hair-obsessed friends this past spring.
I would have loved something like this when I was a tween!
Or now.
So there you have it!
A few Dollar Tree inspired ideas to give you a lift.
I should say, I am not at all being endorsed by Dollar Tree.
I am just really cheap.
Have fun!


This post contains affiliate links.  

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