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Halloween Mantel 2012

I love my mantel.
But I really love it come fall and winter.
That’s when I can really dress her up.
Case in point, this is the mantle that has been up since March.

There is nothing wrong with the above mantel at all.
That’s why it stayed this way for almost eight months.
I love that PRAY sign and it just looked serene so I left it as is.
But I couldn’t wait to dig in and get it all ready for fall.


That Halloween sign is the one I got at the flea market over Labor day weekend!
I knew it was going to go here as soon as I saw it on that dirty barn floor.
Best twenty bucks I ever spent.


This is how I decorate in every corner of my home.
I add things.
Then take them away.
Then move them to left.
To the right.
Until I get it just right.


There is the banner my friend Melissa made for me last fall.
And see the book page wreath on the mirror?
My mama made that for me last year!
I love it so much and I know it was a lot of work.


Can I be honest?
Of course, I can be honest, it’s my blog…. geez.
This is my fave fall mantel ever.
Shh, don’t tell the other fall mantels.
I love the addition of the jack-o-lantern that we adopted from my mom and dad when they were
de-crappifying over the spring while preparing to move to Tennessee.
My youngest loves it too.
“Jack” is wearing a stocking cap as I write this post.


I honestly think it is because of this awesome Halloween sign.
It makes this mantel for me.

This is the kicker, I had everything to make this mantel special.
I didn’t go out and buy one thing.
Well, other than the flea market sign a month ago.

Amen to that.


I love to write about my family, John Hughes, tacos and Bruce Hornsby. Not necessarily in that order.


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