Second To Last One- NaBloPoMo # 27

Today’s prompt- Mae West described sex as “emotion in motion.” Unpack this idea in a post.

I am getting tired.
As evidenced by my blog title.
I have nothing left to give or write for that matter.
Add to that 10 + inches of snow yesterday/last night here and I am spent.
Add to THAT studying for the past three days with my 7th grader for her Constitution test and I feel like taking a nap.
Add to THAT I am on day 14 of the 30 Day Shred AND I woke up with a sinus headache.
And I have been up since 5 am.
Hence the early posting.I am dooooooone.So Mae West, I really don’t care what your views on sex are.
Or how I am supposed to “unpack” them.

So here is what I DO have!

My friend Jen is having a giveaway on her blog and not just any giveaway but a Real Housewives giveaway!!!

No she’s not giving away an actual housewife.
You so silly!

Go here for the details.

You will love her blog if you love Housewives!!

I also have a great giveaway going on too!!!
Go here to check that out.

Have a good day.
And can we not mention the word s-n-o-w for a while please?
Thank you.



2 thoughts on “Second To Last One- NaBloPoMo # 27

  1. Michelle

    Shhhhh. It's SNOWING again. At leats it's the pretty little flakes, right? You crack me up – and this THIS is why I didn't do NaNoBloPoMo (did I get that right at least?)

    Yay to you for doing the Shred. You should come with me to a cardio kickboxing class. You'd love it. Promise.

  2. Kari at A Grace Full Life

    Thanks Michelle!
    And I am almost done with the shred and am looking for another workout to do after. 🙂