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So, How Did HE Do? NaBloPoMo # 15


Today’s prompt- How did this Valentine’s Day compare to last year’s?Translation- did your husband screw up worse than last year??

Come on.
We all know that is what the person who made this prompt up was thinking.
I was the only one who had the guts to say it.
Oh, wait.
I am the only one on this blog doing the challenge.
Oh, wait.
I am the only one on this blog who does the writing.

This could on all day.
See how creative I am getting at stretching ideas that mean absolutely nothing?

This year was so much better than last year.
I can’t even tell you.
Well, I can or I wouldn’t have anything to write about today.

I don’t want to be Debbie Downer but let me just give you some insight on Valentine’s Days of the past:

2/14/08- newborn baby.

2/14/09- my girls were both sick with double ear infections, a former friend had just broken up with her boyfriend and we kindly invited her to have dinner “alone” with the two of us. And she drank all of my “gift”.

2/14/10- Two words. Stomach. Flu.

2/14/11- Mike lost his job 4 days before so we hated the world, each other and chocolate. No. Chocolate was still our only friend.

2/14/12- Mike “forgot” that Valentines fell on February 14th. He had to work the entire day. I got to eat a “special” dinner with our girls all alone.

So really, there was nowhere to go but up.

This year:

-the girls opened their gifts at the crack of dawn because someone doesn’t know how to sleep in and feels we shouldn’t either.

*someone = our 5-year-old.  * sleep in = anything after 7. I would even take 6:30.

– I got all creative ala Pinterest and created this:


Fun little construction hearts taped to each of their doors!

Fun little construction hearts taped to each of their doors!
They LOVED this.
I will do this every year.
Mike and I divided up the girl’s hearts evenly and each wrote something special on them about the girls.
We did this after they went to bed and it was so much fun for the two of us.
And it made me fall in love with him all over again reading what he wrote about our girls.
Then we taped up the hearts quietly to their doors so when they woke up they saw them!
Cost to us- 1 dollar for construction paper.
Best. Idea. Ever.

– then we had a special breakfast of Daddy’s chocolate chip pancakes and bacon. No one said today was gonna be a good diet day.

– the first text of the day came to me from my mama saying happy valentines day, I love you! ( I didn’t have text last year…..don’t start, I know how dark ages I am. )

– my friend Rebecca came over and brought this:

 my friend Rebecca came over and brought this:

And this:

I love her so much. She made that heart!! Isn't it adorable?

I love her so much.
She made that heart!!
Isn’t it adorable?

Then while she was here I made these for her family:


Then while she was here I made these for her family:

But then we ate one.
Or two.
Or five.

They were so good. AND low-fat.

They were so good.
AND low-fat.
So of course, that means you can eat more!!!
I see you shaking your head at me, Jillian.
Bite me.

Then I made dinner.
First I had a mini-meltdown.
For some reason, my children are always ALWAYS super hyper on holidays.
And this one was no exception.
Once the oldest got home from school, the two of them had managed to drive me to a level of crazy that seeped over into my husband as he came in the door.
Then I made a snarky comment to said, husband, that “it is hard to make Valentines day special for everybody else” and how “I am sure I won’t be getting flowers. Again.”

I know.
I was bad.

You really need to hear our engagement story.
Passive aggressive at its best.

So this was the dinner, I made.


So this was the dinner, I made.

Still in the packages.
I was one glass into a Moscato coma when I made dinner, so I didn’t take an after picture.
But I am pretty sure you know what cooked pasta looks like.

After sitting down to dinner, I was fine.
No, no.
After my glass of wine, I was fine.

Then the husband gave me these:


Then the husband gave me these:

I love my husband.
And these totally shattered my “I am sure I won’t be getting flowers. Again.” theory.

So this year was much better than the past five or six Valentines.
I just hope this isn’t a pattern.
Like Leap Year.


Oh well, I always have 2018 to look forward to…


I love to write about my family, John Hughes, tacos and Bruce Hornsby. Not necessarily in that order.


  • Sue Diamond-Phillips

    LOVE LOVE LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. I love it. Even the stories of previous years, but i am soooo sorry, but oh my…amazing 🙂 Totally copying your ideas next year!!! This was awesome! And now…St Patrick's Day on the horizon!

  • Shannon from Deepest Worth

    Sounds like a great day! I love the idea with the hearts and I love even more that you and your husband did it together. I'm stealing that – maybe for birthdays!

  • Marissa Peterson

    I'm glad that this year was better!

    And ohhhh, I am SO bad about passive-aggressive below-the-belt comments!! So. Bad. :/

    Love the little hearts on their doors!!

  • Marianne

    Gosh – I've been missing some good stuff! (can you tell I got a little behind on my blog reading?). Happy late Valentine's Day!

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