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There’s Something Fishy About These Valentines. Get It? Fishy?

School of Fish Valentines- Perfect for Preschoolers!
I had found these adorable Valentine’s on Pinterest a while back and then I went to the blog where I pinned it from here.
It turns out that she got the idea from an Etsy shop, but the link she provided didn’t lead to anything.
So I went to Etsy and searched for Valentine + Fish + Bowl and it came up with five different shops who sell almost the same item.
I just picked the first one I saw, which happened to be this shop here.
This is the thing: they don’t sell anything but the printable you put INSIDE the bag.
You have to purchase everything else.
So I thought, I think I can do this on the cheap.
Will it look as professional as the Etsy ones?
But it’s for my daughter’s preschool class, so I don’t want it to look professional.
Because, you know.
She’s five.

This is what you will need:

– Swedish Fish (Wal-Mart has them in the candy aisle)
– Clear round bags (Michael’s has them in the candy making aisle)
– Blue scrapbook paper

Then, take a rusty circle cookie cutter.
Oh okay, I guess it doesn’t have to be rusty.
Trace a circle onto the blue scrapbook paper.


Then I took a red sharpie marker and wrote the above on it.
Clever, huh?
School of fish/ preschool?
I saw this idea on Etsy or something like it so I cannot take credit for this.


The following is the brutal honesty I am known for here on my blog.
It is no secret in these parts that I have some remedial skills that are lacking.
I have the handwriting of a serial killer, my cursive is a hybrid of cursive and block letter and I cannot cut a straight line to save my life.

Valentine fish

All me.
Not the preschooler, but me.
She actually cuts better than I do.

Valentine fish

Don’t forget to make a Valentine for the teachers too!!

Isn’t this cute?
But it needed a little something…..


I have a “thing” for little hands creating projects.



Oops, now everyone knows what they are getting for Valentines Day.
Act surprised when it comes in the mail. 


So the Etsy paper insert ranged from $3.50 to $6.00 for a pack of only five inserts.

But here is my cost rundown:

– scrapbook paper = 50 cents ( I got mine at Michael’s and they had a 50% off sale when I bought these)

– Swedish fish = $6.00 for 3 packages (Walmart)

– clear baggies = $4.99 regular price at Michael’s. But 100 come in the package so I know I will use these for something else. If you are smart, you will use the weekly coupon that comes in Michael’s ads for 40% off a regular price item which will make this $2.00 cheaper

Grand total = $11.49 to create 20 homemade Valentines
Which breaks down to 57 cents a Valentine!


If I had purchased the Etsy inserts, it would have cost me $25 more which I would never have spent.
I mean come on, it’s Valentines for a preschooler.
I probably won’t do this again but this is her first year of school and wanted to make her Valentine exchange a little special.
Next year I am sure we will be buying Spongebob Valentines from Dollar Tree.

So what do you think?
It took us all of 45 minutes to create 20 Valentines start to finish but it looks like it took a lot longer.
I am sure I will get evil death stares on the faces of the other preschool moms for making these.
That’s okay I will return the favor in kindergarten.

I love to write about my family, John Hughes, tacos and Bruce Hornsby. Not necessarily in that order.


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