Fave Projects of 2013

So Christmas is over at our home and we were so sad to say goodbye to Mamie and Papa.
But here at A Grace Full Life, I like to make you feel a little better about your life.
It really is the least I can do for you.Let me paint a picture.
Soak it in.
At 8 pm on Christmas Eve, our refrigerator decided that he …. I say HE because a woman would never have done this to me on a holiday…… was taking a nap.
A dirt nap.
Wink wink. 

Freezer died

The above is our cooler.
On the patio.
With our freezer food in it.
On Christmas Day.
For the first time ever, I was grateful for the sub zero temps.

I literally started crying on Christmas Eve while putting away dishes and getting the cookies ready for Santa.
Thank goodness my parents were here for so many reasons but definitely for talking me off the proverbial ledge.
And for putting things in perspective.
My kids were healthy.
My parents made it to Illinois safely from Tennessee.
We HAD food to put into that cooler on the patio.
And we will forever talk about the Christmas Eve the refrigerator died.
That and the image of my hubs shoveling the driveway Christmas morning in his leg lamp pajama bottoms, Griswold Family Christmas tee shirt, boots and ear flaps.
It was like God was giving me a wake up smack in the face.
Life is good.
So stop your whining.
And tell Mike to get dressed before doing outside chores.
Nobody needs to see that.

Can you believe it is almost 2014?
I think I have started a blog post with that statement every end of December since 2010.
Well not the 2014 part.
I am going to tell you a secret: the older you get?
Pass it on.
No one tells you that little gem until you are in the thick of it.
Have children and it goes even faster.
My oldest is only five months from being a freshman in high school.

Here are my personal favorites when it comes to projects I created in 2013.
Not as many choices as in years past.
Because I was busy mastering my craft and writing my novel.
But it sounded much more glamorous than “watching the Ellen show while eating Jello”.

My chevron pillow project

My pictures will get better in 2013.
Because I discovered the “BOOST” button on Picasa.
My chevron pillows that I “made” were one of my faves and they are still going!
I actually went and made seven more over the course of 2013, I loved them so much!

My green door project

Painting our front door this gorgeous green was one of my all time favorite things I have done to our home.
It adds that pop that was missing with our old boring burgundy door.
I have looked at this through three seasons now and it makes the house look so much happier from outside, even in dreary winter.

Teen room project of 2013

My almost freshman loves to decorate like her momma.
Which can be a good or a bad thing at times.
The good?
She gets excited about creating a space that is her own.
The bad?
I have had to spend a lot more money on paint and bedding than I would have wanted to.
Its all good.
It is staying this way until 2018.

Family room project of 2013

See how I destroyed the environment in the name of room décor.

Daughter's bedroom project

Then my almost six year old decided she wanted a big girl room.

It was a fun and very colorful year here at the blog.
Maybe next year will be more neutral.

12 thoughts on “Fave Projects of 2013

  1. Shannon from Deepest Worth

    You forgot one 2013 thing. It goes like this. "I met Shannon." I know, I know. We were talking about home decor.

    1. Kari at A Grace Full Life

      I LOVED meeting you in 2013 and receiving your care packages in the mail.
      Here's to 2014!!!

  2. Samantha

    This is a beautiful overview of all you did in 2013. Time to come do my house in 2014. Thanks! Happy to get to know you even better this year! xoxoxo

  3. Michelle Lunt

    Hi Kari, It's been a great year of your awesome projects. I think the chevron pillows are my fav also! Have you ever met Rhoda in person? She's very lovely & sophisticated {something that I am not & even cannot spell without the help of spell checker}. You have such a gift for writing. I love to read & LOL! Also, congrats on the fact that you get comments! If it weren't for you commenting on my blog, I would wonder if anyone was even reading!

    Happy New Year! Love, Michelle

    1. Kari at A Grace Full Life

      How about this? I keep commenting on your blog and you keep commenting on mine! Deal??
      Happy New Year, Michelle!

    1. Kari at A Grace Full Life

      Your home does not need to be fixed.
      It DOES however need us to have a brainstorming party with Rumchata.