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Why I Was So Freakin’ Depressed. Thank You GE Reveal Bulbs

So I mentioned a week ago that GE was sending me some Reveal light bulbs to make a difference in my life.
To change me.
To make me a better person.
You laugh but it is true.
Winter is killing me inside.
Eating my soul.
I was googling “happy lamps” and pricing homes in the Riviera.
By the way, I can’t even afford a plane ticket to the Riviera.
By the way, I don’t even know where the Riviera IS.
Anyway, when they said “free light bulbs” I was all in.
I will do anything it takes to make my home and my life look a little brighter especially from December to April.
I live in Chicago.
So really June.

But as you all know, I am skeptical.
I didn’t really think a bulb could change my life as it pertains to household illumination.
I am a secret Debbie Downer.

Here, you be the judge.
These pictures were taken around dusk on a mid-January day.
Which is 4 o clock ’round these parts.
Or 3:30 if it is cloudy.
I should also state that I did not edit any of these pictures in Picasa or Pic Monkey.
As to sway you.
And make YOU less Debbie Downer.


I received four bulbs.
So I chose to do two lamps in my living room.


And two lamps in my family room.


Normal people would have chosen to do FOUR lamps in ONE room.



I wanted to spread the love to the entire downstairs.

OK so skeptical me was all, “there is no way this is gonna make a difference”.
I even said that to the hubs.
Then he left to take our youngest to a birthday party and I am pretty sure my last words to him were, ” see you in two hours when the house looks EXACTLY THE SAME AS WHEN YOU LEFT.”

I was a little wrong.
OK, I was a lot wrong.
Who knew a light bulb could make a difference.







I don’t know if you can tell from my horrible pictures…I don’t do well with night pictures.
But there is a HUGE difference.
I noticed right away and said out loud,” OMG. I can see the dust on my floor!”
Thanks, GE.
Thanks a lot.

It made a difference in this WinterStinksAndIAmTakingAllOfYouDownWithMe mentality.
So do YOU want to make a difference in YOUR family room?
Or bathroom???
No one needs to see THAT much in the bathroom.

I was given the product to review by GE.
I was not however paid to endorse this product and all ideas expressed are my own.

I love to write about my family, John Hughes, tacos and Bruce Hornsby. Not necessarily in that order.


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