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American Blogger? More Like AmeriCAN’T Blogger. That Made No Sense.

Here is the deal, there is this new documentary that is causing kind of an uproar among bloggers.
The movie is called American Blogger.
And the trailer.
It’s just.
Here, you decide for yourself.

If the actual video doesn’t pull up, go here to see it.
I will wait.

What did you think?
There’s a lot of owls, bright colors and just TREND in this trailer.

First off, they have ALWAYS wanted an airstream trailer?

This is the problem.
This movie was given the complete wrong title.
To call it “American Blogger” is like calling “The Godfather”, “This Movie is About Every Mob Member Who Ever Lived”.
“Like Ever”.
Is The Godfather even about the Mob?
I know.

There isn’t much diversity in the group that they picked to be in this movie.
Most are about 22-30 years old.
No men, no ethnic group except for one African American woman.
And lots and lots of trendy clothing.
And really pretty homes.

Now, I am a DIY blogger who loves a pretty home.
But I don’t really follow DIY blogs.
Especially ones that create an almost too perfect scenario.
Because life is REAL.
I don’t have time to go to Home Goods once a week to get those perfect salmon color pillows.
Then come home and document it with my Canon Rebel.

I also don’t want to judge the bloggers chosen to do this movie.
Ok, I guess I just did.
I’m sorry.
I am sure they are all nice people.
And I can guarantee that most of them had no idea that they would be portrayed so perfectly.
I can also guarantee that they fart, poop, belch the alphabet (OK that might just be me) and wear stained tee shirts that say I’m With Stupid on most days.
And quite honestly I do get tired of the Lets Pick on the Mom with A Clean House groupthink that goes around with situations like this.

But honestly, even I of the House of Neat Freak was shaking my head when I saw how this filmmaker portrayed those women.

If the filmmaker had called it “Traveling Cross Country To Visit 51 of My Wife’s Closest Friends”, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.
So of course, bloggers everywhere are kind of mad.
OK, maybe not mad.
OK, mad.
I am not mad, however.
I think its funny.
I do.

AND I think that Mr. Wiegand just made bloggers a whole heck of a lot more popular.
So thank you Mr. Wiegand.
Why am I calling you Mr?
I am like, 30 years older than you.
And I still don’t have an Airstream trailer.

So when my friend and hopefully someday co-writer at SNL, Erin, texted me on a Tuesday afternoon while I was sitting at the bus stop with a cool proposition, I was in.

Here, my friends is Erin’s directorial debut and our movie trailer debut.
Because blogging is more than chevron and bright colors.
It’s really about SEO, HTML and social media shares.
And lots and lots of booze.

I added this in manually through my photo share option.
If you can’t see it, you can go here to see it.
It’s good.
And leave a comment or share if you like it too.

Or better yet, go to Erin’s blog to read her post and see the video there as well.

Rock that Chevron.
Rock that clean house.
Rock that pop of color.
Just be very suspicious if a traveling documentary filmmaker is on your doorstep.
Unless it’s Erin.
Or me.
No, still be suspicious.

I love to write about my family, John Hughes, tacos and Bruce Hornsby. Not necessarily in that order.


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