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TV Dinners Will Never Be The Same- Tray Table Makeover

Guess what??
Today is my birthday!!
My best friend of almost 20 years (blog post AND friendaversary road trip soon to come) Rebecca drew a picture of me in honor of my special day.
Remember when I said back in January that she and my other friends Kari and Vikki needed to start a blog?
Well, they did.
So go visit my friend Rebecca’s amazing blog here.
She is so talented and her words are so beautiful.
I know you will fall in love with her as I did back in November of 1994.
Leave her a sweet comment, give her some love.
Consider it a birthday present to me.
Oh and head over here to meet our Duck.
We have a duck.


I don’t get my LETS MAKEOVER RANDOM CRAP IN THE HOUSE mojo until around mid-March.
Sometimes it doesn’t come until April.
Depends on the winter we had, quite honestly.
Or what temperature the garage is.

The day I started this project, Chicago “meteorologists” or who I like to call “people who got their undergrad in any ology subject but had a pretty face and their degree ended in ology so they put them on the air” predicted that it would be 63 degrees all day.
I was excited!
I cleared my schedule for the day!
Which meant “take a shower in the evening”.
I was gonna work outside doing a couple of furniture makeover projects I had been putting off since January.

It never got above 37.
And it was windy.
Really windy.

What the fresh hell??
I had on two, TWO jackets to paint.
Because I put the winter coats down in the basement the day before.
Oh crap.
It was MY fault.

I had these tray tables that my parents gave to us when they were moving to Tennessee a few years back.
They had them in their basement and being the just the two of them and trying to downsize, they didn’t really have a need for them.
Being someone who NEVER turns down anything free, I jumped all over it not knowing when or even if I would ever use them.

TV Tray Table


I think we all have had tray tables like this at one point or another.


TV Tray Table Before

They sat in our basement and our kids used them to color on or play restaurant on them.
But these little tables had some history that I didn’t even realize until I sent my mom a text with a picture of the revamped tray tables, asking her, “do you recognize these??”

“Are those the tray tables?”


“Those were the tables Gramma ate her meals on when she couldn’t come to the table. ”

I totally forgot.

My Gramma lived with my mom and dad from the time I was small until about a year before she passed away.
At age 102.
In her later years as her health declined, my gramma’s role in the home changed as did my mom’s.
The mother-daughter relationship turned into more of a patient caregiver role.
That sounds so clinical and sterile, I don’t mean it to.
In the end, it was rough, painful and just plain hard on mostly my mom.
But for many, many years it was a great thing.

Gramma usually came to the table to eat with everyone each night.
Being around all the activity, the life and youth daily is part of why she lived so long.
But when she was having a tired day, my mom would pull out these tray tables and bring her dinner to her room so she could eat without getting out of bed.

These sat in our basement for almost two years and I completely forgot that these were “the” tray tables.
So it makes this project all the more meaningful.

Here is the before again:

Old TV Tray Table

I wanted to turn these into cool end tables for the living room.
We had this going on in our living room:


Living Room

This was fine and all but this table bumped out the couch so that it made this room smaller and cut off.


Living room

It’s fine and good but it just bothered me.

So on a frigid late March day, I got out my spray paint can put on a stocking cap and a muffler and got to work.
It took one coat of paint.
I truly think that is divine intervention from gramma because normally something like this is a two can operation.
Here is the after:


Living room with new green tray table

You knew it was going to be green.
Didn’t you?


Living room with new green tray table

I love this so much I almost want to hug it.
On a daily basis.


Living room with new green tray table

It looks like a cool apartment.
I know that sounds weird.
But the whole time I was envisioning this, I was thinking Apartment Therapy.
Which by the way, I have never been on that website.
I have seen stuff on Pinterest but never been to the actual site.
Which if you are a DIY blogger, is like Julia Child saying she never read a cookbook.
But the color and the style of the legs just made me think of a city.
And an apartment.
And therapy.
Be very scared of how my brain works.
Very. Scared.


Living room with new green tray table

This project cost me nothing because I already had the paint in my garage.
And it took me ten minutes to do.
And now my end table looks like grass!

Brown spring grass

Okay maybe not.


I love to write about my family, John Hughes, tacos and Bruce Hornsby. Not necessarily in that order.


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