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Dollar Tree Thanksgiving Table. How Not to Be a Turkey

Thanksgiving isn’t a holiday I like to spend a lot of money on, decoration wise.
Because I want to save my money for the food.
That should be a life lesson or something or BIG WORD ALERT an edict.
I hereby proclaim that from now on, we shall not blow our wad on honeycomb brown centerpiece turkeys!
No more orange leaf garlands and tan napkins!
Save your money to get the good turkey, the brand name Stove Top stuffing, the corn with the salt added!
You do not need a Pottery Barn tablecloth.
Put down the Restoration Hardware chair covers.
Step away from the World Marketplace card holders.
Just say no and head to your local dollar store.
How to create a Dollar Store Thanksgiving table!

The first plan? Going in with a plan.
If you go to the dollar store without a budget or an idea of what you want, you will end up with what will look like Mardi Gras in your cart.
Beads, bows, and crap.
Go in with a plan.

Items from Dollar Tree to make a Thanksgiving table

I knew I wanted a simple place setting.
I didn’t want it to look too leafy, fall, pumpkiny.
I wanted items I could repurpose or reuse for Christmas.


Items from Dollar Tree to make a Thanksgiving table

I also bought items for my Christmas table as well and this is why: I am cheap.
And I like things easy.
AND if you buy these things early enough, you get the ability to be both cheap AND easy.
Wink, wink.

Here is what I came up with:

Dollar Tree Thanksgiving Table

I used a white plastic tablecloth as a runner, added a simple ribbon on top of that, both of them from the dollar store.
The tray, rocks, candles and candle holders were all a dollar each.
The chargers, I bought at Walmart four years ago after Christmas for a buck each, the white china plates from the dollar store three years ago.
The glass bowls and plates on top of the dinner plates?
Dollar store.
I love how vintage and clean they look and I want to make out with the fact that I only spent a dollar a piece on those bad boys.
The cardboard letters are from the craft store, I got an entire box of letters for $2.99 less 50% off.

Total spent on this table?
24 dollars.
That is for EVERYTHING, including each individual plate and dish.


Dollar Tree Placesetting

Here is another idea…..

Dollar Tree Placesetting

Using tissue paper as a placemat.
I bought the above paper at a craft store near me for 99 cents.
I see the wrinkles, so if you don’t like wrinkly things, set this out the night before and let it naturally flatten out.

Thanksgiving table from Dollar Tree

I took black river rocks bought at my local dollar store and placed them on the corners of the tissue paper.
You could add little pieces of chalk tied up with raffia to this place setting so your guests could write on the rocks.
You know, words like GRATEFUL or THANKS or LOVE.
But in my home, the chalk would be used to write words like FART or SPORK or CARCASS.
We like weird words that sound like swear words.
It’s fun, try it.

Creating a cool Thanksgiving table with Dollar Tree.

So pretty.


Creating a cool Thanksgiving table with Dollar Tree items

Yes, that’s more like it.

Here are some dollar store standbys that I swear by:

– silverware. If you are hosting big dinners or potlucks for the holidays, these are great. If you lose them, give them away, drop them in the dog dish? Who cares! Two pieces for a dollar and if you know how much silverware costs full price, you will know that is a good deal.

– dinnerware. I have had those white china looking plates for three years. I have used them for three Christmases, one Thanksgiving and two Easter’s.

One dollar per plate.

I love these so much. They don’t carry this style of plate year round so keep your eye’s out for special plates around the holidays. I also use their other plates for plate racks in my home or for fun parties that you don’t want to invest in an expensive dinnerware change.

– plastic tablecloths. NO ONE CARES IF IT IS FABRIC. Repeat that. Because at the end of a big dinner, the last thing I want to think about is stain treating a nice fabric tablecloth. I also don’t want to spend it doing butt tons of dishes but no one has invented really beautiful disposable dinnerware/ bakeware.


So this year, spend extra on the yummy food, not the table where you will eat it.
And save some carcass for me.


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