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The Things I Keep

We all have things we keep.
Maybe it’s pictures from your first homecoming dance.
An old corsage.
Ticket stubs to your first rock concert.
I have a few places within my home where I keep things.
Little mementos.
Pieces of me from the past.
Reminders that I used to be something different than I am today.
I think it is good to have those reminders here and there.
To show your spouse and children, even yourself.
It’s fun to look back.

I have a drawer in our bedroom that is a little hideaway of past treasures.

memories in a drawer

Items that I keep close for many reasons.
To comfort me, to take me away, maybe even to inspire me?
I don’t know when I started filing things away in here.
It’s like a secret drawer in this dresser.
A bonus, secret hiding place of things I don’t want to put in a scrapbook.
Things I want to touch, feel, hold in my hands.

accomplishments of blogging

Things that made me proud.


memories of blogging

Things that blogging has brought to me.

my vision board

This is a “vision board” (thank you, Melisa, for the actual term that I forgot).
I made this at a blogging event a few years ago.

Of where I see myself, how I saw myself.


old jewelry

I am not a big jewelry person but I save important jewelry.
The bracelets and necklaces my children have made.
A watch that my oldest daughter used to wear as a toddler.
A bracelet that she and I bought together back when it was cool to have matching mom and daughter jewelry.

letters to mommy

Love notes.

love notes from my kids

And more love notes.



A reminder that they aren’t always going to be little.


letter to myself

A letter to my Gramma.


letter from my grandma

A letter from my Gramma to Rebecca that she gave to me after she passed away.
I miss that handwriting.

birthday cards with memories from the past

Special cards and letters from friends and family.


my old day planners

Some people keep journals, I keep day planners.


my old day planners

Because I like to remember what we were doing on a random April day in 2010.
When someday I will miss the busyness.


my old eye glasses

Old glasses of mine.

What are some of the things you keep?

I love to write about my family, John Hughes, tacos and Bruce Hornsby. Not necessarily in that order.


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