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How CVS Minute Clinic Will Help Me Put Down the Big Mac’s and Get Sexier In 2015

I have a problem.
A serious problem.
Every year I have my come to the river moment after the holidays.
About my weight.
I love to eat, that is no surprise to those who are close to me nor to my readers who have been on this roller coaster weight loss journey with me since 2010.
Last year, I lost 25 pounds!
I was exercising, eating better and keeping on top of what I put into my mouth.
Get your head out of the gutter…..
I was so proud of myself, I felt amazing and I was wearing my pre-pregnancy size again!
For the first time in seven years!!
Then I got sick with pneumonia around the same time a certain weight loss plan decided it was going to charge me double what I used to pay for just an app.
It all went downhill from there.
Here is the thing: I need to be held accountable.
I need someone to be my partner, hold my hand and slap the bad food out of my little mitts.
When I don’t have that, I eat things like Big Macs with extra Mac sauce or Portillo’s cake shakes with extra cake.So when I found out that CVS Minute Clinic offers a Weight Loss Program, I squealed.
This you need to know about my relationship with CVS Minute Clinic: it borders on obsessive.
It started three years ago with a sinus infection, my regular doctor being on a cruise and a nurse practitioner who I may or may not have hugged.
I even became friends with one of the nurse practitioner’s at my local Minute Clinic.
Her son came to my youngest daughter’s birthday party last year.
I swear on my underwear I am telling the truth.

Knowing that I can go into any Minute Clinic and get a weight loss assessment, without an appointment and possibly make a new friend, makes me very happy place happy.
They offer customized coaching tailored to your goals and lifestyle.
So maybe they can account for that occasional Big Mac binge?
Yeah, probably not.

If you don’t have time to head into the clinic, you can take advantage of online coaching as well.
I love this for those negative 35 degree days here in Chicago or for when I don’t want to get out my jammies but need to know if I am allowed to eat that donut.
This program also gives you membership to DASH which is a portal to give tips, recipes, and lists that are based on the popular DASH Diet.
Normally a $69 value!
That is a lot of Big Mac’s.

And if you didn’t think the CVS Minute Clinic was dope enough, they also offer services such as Eyelash Lengthening Consultations and comprehensive Smoking Cessation programs as well!
So if looking skinny, sexy and not hacking up a lung is on your resolution list for 2015, I think we both know where you need to be.
Heading to your local CVS Minute Clinic to find a new friend who will slap that Big Mac out of your hands.

Enjoy your holiday and eat all that fruitcake.
But after January 1st, I will be heading down the street to my local CVS.
After hitting the McDonald’s drive-thru.

The above was sponsored by CVS Minute Clinic, a company that I stand behind.
Although this post was sponsored, all opinions are my own.

I love to write about my family, John Hughes, tacos and Bruce Hornsby. Not necessarily in that order.


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