New Year, New Netflix? #StreamTeam

Each new year, I have good intentions like the majority of you do.
Lose some weight, try some new things, maybe get a new haircut, maybe even look at life from a different perspective.
I swear I had good intentions on January 1.
Enter the week of January 20.

For example, I had some really cool stuff I had planned on watching on my Netflix list.
I was gonna be all smart and worldly in 2016.
Hang with the big dogs.
Know what is in the food I eat and junk.
I had loads and loads of documentaries that didn’t involve the Filipino lead singer of Journey WHICH IS A TOTALLY INSPIRING STORY, BY THE WAY.
I had the British Baking Show because, you know, British.
I even added The Grifters because I have never seen it, John Cusack and smart people seem to love crap like that.

Have I watched any of those?
Okay so I did watch one half of an episode of The British Baking Show with my seven year old over Christmas break.
Only because she was watching it with me.
She makes me smarter, honestly.
If I am alone?
I can sit and watch Kartrashians for HOURS.
I need help.

First, I got stuck under Making A Murderer, so there is that.
By the way, thank you Netflix.
I still haven’t forgiven you for that one yet.
I think I still have an eye twitch that won’t go away for the all nighter we pulled to watch that the week after Christmas.

Second, I get distracted because there are too many choices.
Is it just me or can you spend a solid two hours going through all of the selections and adding them to your list?
THEN you realize that it is 10 at night and you are sleepy?
Then I get to bed and I am no longer sleepy after getting into my jammies and brushing my teeth, so I put on Netflix again.
Do I put on the smart documentary about saving the planet?
Man V. Food because I just know he is gonna puke this time!!

I suggested to my teenage daughter the other morning that I want to start watching a show with her because I need her to help me stay focused.
I realize I am asking my teenager to help her grown adult mother to stay focused but I also love the bonding that comes along with it as well so the benefits are two-fold.
She looked at me like I had lobsters coming out of my ears.
No, she looked at me as if I had asked to tag along with her and her friends on their Friday night hang out at Bdubs.

I can do this.
Intelligent dramas.
Documentaries that teach us something.
Socially responsible sitcoms.
Oooh! Lookie!!
Degrassi has a new show!!!

I am a member of the Netflix Stream Team. Meaning, for the next year, once a month I will be writing posts about how my family is using our Netflix. They provided me with a Roku and a voucher for my Netflix account.