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A Golf Tournament That I Can Get Excited About Means Lots of Caddyshack Quotes #LPGA #ULInternationalCrown

My husband is a really good golfer.
I don’t know this for a fact because I have never seen him golf but I have been told this.
A lot.
By many people.
He won’t ever brag about it so I will for him.
He’s good.

He’s been golfing for 36 years now…holy crap, I am old enough to be with someone who has been golfing for 36 years. 
He made the Varsity team his freshman year, worked at a local golf course as a caddy all throughout high school and college and when he wasn’t working at a golf course, he was golfing.
It is his “thing” and honestly, if he had made different decisions in college, he could have gone pro.

If you try and talk about how good he is on the course, he will deflect it and try to talk about something else.
But there is something that he has no trouble talking about: quotes from the movie Caddyshack.
All the time.
Even when not talking about golf.

When the kids are asking for food at the mall- you’ll get nothing and like it! 
When someone farts- whoa, did somebody step on a duck? 
When I try on a new outfit- oh, it looks good on you though. 
And for every occasion- thank you very little. 

It never gets old.
That was sarcasm if you couldn’t pick that up.

He has been to a few golf tournaments in his day but never turns down the chance to take us or the girls along and give them a chance to fall in love with golf,
I will occasionally watch golf on TV with him.
I especially love the sounds of a golf game on the television.
The soft claps, the birds chirping, the soft voices of the announcers; it’s very relaxing and nap-inducing.
Which he loves because that means he can watch more golf in peace.

But there is nothing like golf in person because golf clapping, beautiful scenery and birds chirping.
Starting July 19th and running through the 24th, the Merit Club in north suburban Chicago is hosting the LPGA’s UL International Crown.
It is the only professional golf tournament in the Chicago area this summer, which means if you want a chance to see golf live in person and listen to the soft claps, the birds chirping, but no announcers because YOU ARE THERE, this is your only opportunity.
Maybe they will have cots there for course-side napping in between shots?

I am really excited because it is a chance for my daughters to see professional female golfers up close and in person.
Not just any female golfers either, the world’s top-ranked female golfers.
Which is a cool way for locals to see some famous people.
Who are female.
And play golf.
While listening to the birdies tweeting.

I am going to be there to walk around and watch all the golf as well as try to sell any rich people on my John Hughes Museum idea.
So you want to be there too because you can be my sidekick.
Maybe we can sit together, listen to the birdies and take a nap together as well!
Just kidding.
But we could totally hang, so I have two extra tickets that I want to give you so you can experience this tournament for yourself!
Kids are free, so bring them too!


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I hope they have booze and tacos there.



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