Why Netflix is My Community College #StreamTeam

This month, Netflix is asking me what my daughter’s have learned by watching Netflix.
Apparently, they think that learning stops when you become an middle aged blogger.
To which I say, learning never ends, Netflix!
And I have my little red friend to thank for me being less stupid than I was four years ago when this whole amazing streaming ride began! **I wasn’t referring to my period in the above sentence. 

What have you learned from Netflix?


4 thoughts on “Why Netflix is My Community College #StreamTeam

  1. jessie

    How in the world did you get those video clips with your font? Love it!!

    Incase you haven’t noticed, I have a goal to go through your archives and read every post I’ve missed. You’ve written for a very long time. This means you are about to have a whole Lotta Jessie coming through your comments. 👻

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