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Gifts Your Teenager Won’t Say OMG REALLY MOM? To

Teenagers, duuude.

They can be hard to buy for. Especially in the middle school years. I feel you, middle school parents.


But my 16-year-old is really pretty easy to buy for because she loves Christmas.

Like, LOVES Christmas.

In September, she will come up to me and say, “I think I am going to listen to Christmas music starting today.”

Sounds like a plan, my love.

My Anna is one of the lights of my life but the teen years have kicked our ASS.

If I could give one piece of advice to parents who haven’t had a teenager yet, it would be to go with the flow.

Ride that flow long and hard and do not let go. Well, only long enough to drink a glass of something really strong and really anesthetic.

It makes the toddler/potty training/ MINE MINE MINE phase look like a walk in the park.





Here are some ideas for teens that won’t get a shrug or an eye roll or a look of disgust.

Until you tell them that it is the Lord Jesus’ birthday and they should be happy with what they have lest they burn in hell and Dolly Parton didn’t get her little red shoes because she chipped in for her mama’s weddin’ ring and now YOU ARE CRYING.

What? Just riding the flow…






Amazon Fire Tablet

Because kids lose things like shoes, socks, and iPads.


Hair Straightening Brush 

Because separately brushing AND straightening your hair is so 2015.


Face Steamer 

One word: zits.


USB cords

Anna, God love her, loses USB cords like some lose socks or money.  Put this in their stocking and never hear, “MOM, OMG I CAN’T FIND/BROKE/LOST/ATE MY PHONE CHARGER” again.

Well until her birthday.


Bedside Lamp 

Now, this is just cool.


Choker necklaces 

Look out, 1993 is in style again. I wish I were kidding. I also wish I had saved my crushed velvet bodysuit and shoe boots.



And a Netflix gift card. Because of Pretty Little Liars, Grey’s Anatomy, and of course Gilmore Girls.

Good luck and I got you. I GOT YOU.

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